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Should post-conviction DNA testing be allowed?

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Started: 7/19/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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For a research paper.


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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Before prosecution and conviction can even take place, the person in question must be identified. Your face, name, finger prints, your blood type and your DNA are all part of your identity. Given probable cause, authorities have the right identify you by your face, name, finger prints, blood type and DNA.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
That is an excellent question. I tend to agree with YES, I mean once you have been convicted you have lost your rights to the state in being incarcerated. With the recidivism rate being at 92%, chances are that convict will be back in prison anyways.

Everyone has choices in life and unfortunately criminals always end up being criminals for life because that's who they are, they don't want to be honest hard working people, they would much sooner steal, kill or do whatever for money. That is their choice. So yeah I don't see a reason to use their DNA, might as well be useful for something since the convict is not contributing to society and the rest of the citizens need to pay to keep him incarcerated and fed and provided with shelter and a bed.
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