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Should puppy mills be illegal?

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Started: 6/2/2021 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Challenge Period
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A puppy mill is an inhumane large-format dog breeding facility, Where puppies are chuckled for-profit and pups, And their mothers' needs are ignored. Dogs are usually sick and socialized at puppy mills. Classified ads, Puppy markets, And animal shops are generally sold through internet sales. Indeed, The majority of the puppies are sold from puppy mills in pet stores and online. Responsible breeders will be glad to meet you and show you the birth and growth of the puppy and where your mother lives too.

https://keepingpet. Com/are-puppy-mills-illegal/

Horrible places for the dogs are Puppy Mills. Sometimes pet shops may not purchase dogs from such commercial breeders for wholesale. Diverse animal activists are responsible for keeping such puppy factories under check and ensuring that puppy factories are shut down that dogs do not provide adequate conditions. Breathing occurs mainly at the expense of the well-being and health of the dog. The majority of puppy mills are cruel and generally extra. There are, Therefore, Specific laws to be observed by dog breeders, And most people don't care if they follow them because they feel they are superior to dogs, And none of them will ask anything.
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Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
It 'does seem right, That breeders should required to have passed a test or course,
That they understand ethical treatment and quarters for animals.

It 'does seem right that breeders 'not have inhumane puppy farms, Or cow or chicken farms.

Though as long as a significant portion of the population uses animals, There 'will need to be farms of sorts.
But I say again, I agree that adequate conditions should exist for dogs.

Though a bit of me thinks about other animals and how we treat them,
Some people 'eat dogs and cats.

Ah, Pity we can't just absorb sunlight and water,
Though I suppose I could become a vegan, I'm selfish.
Ah, I'm rambling.
Posted by Hezikiah 2 months ago
Arf Arf
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