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Should religion be banned?

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Started: 8/1/2016 Category: Religion
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Round 1 - Both parties state their opening arguments (No Rebuttals)
Round 2 - Rebuttals and 2nd arguments
Round 3 - Conclusions

Let's Begin

Religion should be banned because act as an anchor to modern sciences because many intelligent people do not use their intelligence because of the contradiction of the sciences with their beliefs. A common example would be how The Theory of Evolution contradicts most modern religions such as Islam and Christianity, thus many exemplary, intelligent people that could benefit humanity by, for one example, becoming a geneticist and helping develop evolutionary genetic safe guards against future diseases and can drastically speed up his process by learning from the past as Richelle Mead once stated "History is important because it teaches us about the past and by learning about the past, you come to understand the present, so you can make educated about the future". and that will not happen if we are stuck with the a false past. Another example would be learning about space which we have to do because one day, we will inevitably have to live our planet and look for another home, and that would have been possible earlier if we have not been "misinterpreting" The Bible and believing that the universe was centred around the earth and if it hadn't been for scientists such as Galileo we would have been still believing that. So if there is something that is holding back humanity as a whole, why not get rid of it?


To say that Religion be banned is like saying Culture should be banned. Religion is the belief and worship of a higher being, Culture is the way of life of people. How can you ban what defines a person and what a person strongly ties their identity to?

A false past? Surely, you need to grab a bible and read up, did you know that whilst scientists were trying to discover the shape of the Earth, the false past book, "the Bible" clearly in Job 26: 10 "He drew a circular horizon on the face of the waters,At the boundary of light and darkness." or in Isaiah 40:22' It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain,And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in. " Job 26: 7 also clearly stated that the earth hangs on nothing. I could give you many more examples.

Religion does not contradict Science, if it did the Bible would state that the earth was flat and hanging on stuff, but this is only one example I can put forward. God is the greatest scientist ever known, He is the father of Science, He created the Earth and all its processes, whether or not you choose to believe this is up to you but stating that Religion should be banned is too broad a subject that I didn't even know where to start as I am speaking on behalf of Christians whilst there are so many Religions in the world you never specified what Religion be banned, and you mentioned it holding back Humanity? The only thing holding back humanity are people who think that Religion, a way of life, a system of beliefs be banned because you are threatened by the truth. There is nothing harmful about practicing one's Religiom
Debate Round No. 1


I'm extremely glad that you brought up culture, because what culture are you talking about? Are you talking about the culture that promotes slavery in Ephesians 6:5-6 , or the religion that has radicalised more than 680 million people () and murdered a cartoonist for just expressing an opinion different to theirs, or that have killed almost 15 thousand people in the name of their religion, or the religion that wages war between 2 countries because of a book written thousands of years ago (Palestine & Israel)? This are very minor examples of what religion has done to humanity, so tell me, what positive contribution does religion have to society or culture as you call it. These cultures should be studied as history as what NOT to do, so this is what's harmful about religion.

As for your second argument that the Bible knew that the earth was round, religion is known to plagiarise many concepts from huge scientists. For example, Job 26:10 while this is supremely vague, but the idea was stolen and you know from who? A scientist and a philosopher, Aristotle who proposed the theory hundreds of years before the bible was written. Another case of religion plagiarising ideas is in the Quran where the "embryology" was taken from the Babylonian Enuma Elish tablet (which was not 100% correct). So we see religion leeching off the success of science so what use is it? Also, there are more examples of religious books being completely wrong such as the Bible Revelation 8:10 where it says that a star fell from heaven which is astrologically impossible.

I see no reason or need for religion since it makes everything worse and has no proof of it's existence.


The fact that the bible mentions certain aspects does not mean that it endorses it. There were slaves in those days and the bible was only giving laws regarding slavery. People seem to forget that the bible is a book that not only tells us how to live our present day but it gives an account of what happened in the past. In the old testament, there are stories of people owning slaves, very true, but does that mean if for example, I wrote an account of an event that happened where Kelly murdered Jessica, does that mean that I have endorsed murder? or lets talk about Ephesians 6:5-6 in the new testament, it states that slaves should obey their masters. While it does not condemn the act of slavery it does not praise its act either, it was simply stating how slaves should act towards their masters, obey them. So thus your arguement here is invalid.
May I also point out that the slavery talked about in the Bible is completely different from the way it was when the blacks were slaves years ago, people were not enslaved due to their colour of skin, etc. not that this makes a difference because slavery is still slavery at the end of the day, but It was business, people willingly sold themselves to be used as slaves so that their needs could be met by their masters or so that their debts could be paid off.
Exodus 21:16 clearly states that ""Anyone who kidnaps someone is to be put to death, whether the victim has been sold or is still in the kidnapper's possession." 1 Timothy 1:9-10 " We realize that law is not enacted for the righteous, but for the lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinful, for the unholy and profane, for killers of father or mother, for murderers, for the sexually immoral, for homosexuals, for slave traders and liars and perjurers, and for anyone else who is averse to sound teaching"
Also the Bible plagiarised Science? you and I know that the Bible was around thousands of years before Scientists started any theories on the Earth's shape for exampl
Debate Round No. 2


You are extremely poorly researched because even the Bible contradicts itself when it comes to kidnapping; Judges 21: 10- 24 where the Bible clearly instructs people to murder innocent people and KIDNAP women and force them to get married to them, and that is kidnapping and slavery. Also, If I tell you: "When you kill a person you should cut the jugular vein" this statement is indirectly supporting murder by providing instructions, and the same goes for the Bible. I also see that you have blatantly ignored my point which largely made up my second argument that religion leads to hate and hate crimes. Furthermore, you like to disregard the fact that children were sold into slavery and you act like it was better because they weren't kidnapped.You also state that "the Bible was around thousands of years before Scientists started any theories on the Earth's shape" which is exceptionally ignorant because the scientific and historic facts contradict what you are saying and you do not provide any kind of proof for your argument.

Additionally religion helps people skirt responsibility, it helps people do the bare minimum in life without achieving much because they are waiting for the afterlife and heaven, this causes a less productive community, therefore slowing human production and innovation down. Moreover, religion has caused great inequality between sexes, races, and different identities (Leviticus 18:22)

I believe that religion has only slowed humanity down by delaying scientific discoveries which could progress us greatly, it has also promoted slavery, honor killings and inequality, it has caused great massacres and wars between nations, and has plagiarized work from great scientists and thinkers. I believe that all religion should be viewed as greek or roman mythology not more than fables and stories. I am confident that the voters will make an unbiased, non-emotional decision, Thank you Amanda_Debater for this Debate and I hope that you gained something from this.


The only thing you have done so far is try to prove that Religion is in some ways false. We both have poorly researched on this, i feel you are even more poorly researched as you brought forward Religion but mainly focused on Christianity and Islam.
Religion does not lead to hate and hate crimes, a lack of LOVE does. The fact that you think that Religion has done nothing but harm society, makes me wish there was no Religion in this world for even a day so you can truly witness the wickedness of mankind.
Religion has done greater good to humankind than bad, it seeks to preach and change people for the better.
Christianity for example preaches love towards others, the fact that people hide under the impression of religion and attack and kill does not necessarily mean that the Religion is a bad thing.

I agree with you that Religion does play a role in the wars that have happened in the past and the ones happening today but you are getting it totally wrong. Religion in itself has not led to these wars, its the fact that it causes divisions,the fact that people misinterpret religious texts, the fact that people are just evil,etc

Instead of us to focus on banning things that cause harm, like guns for example, you are seeking to ban beliefs, how would you feel if I banned your way of thought, your system of thinking for producing an argument like this for example? or perhaps how would you feel if I said Science be banned? sounds absurd, doesn't it? The same way I thought when I read the title " Religion should be banned"

At the end of the day, we are all humans and we all have the right to think, feel, believe in whatsoever we want as a result banning religion is a direct violation of human right, if you believe in spaghetti monster, who am I to stop you?

P.S:was not ignoring you, ran out of words, couldn't even complete the word "able". Man I felt the title of the argument was 'The Bible supports slavery" for a second. Perhaps another thread LOL :)

Debate Round No. 3
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should banned be religion?
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Reasons for voting decision: Neither side made a strong enough argument to sway me one way or another. But religion (at least in America) is a right protected by the Constitution and should therefore not be banned.