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Should religion be involved within the society

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Started: 1/5/2018 Category: Religion
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I strongly believe it should
The debate will begin in the next round


I'm looking forward to hearing my opponent's argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Imagine a world without religion; how different it would be, people would be doing all sorts of things like rape, murder, stealing, kidnapping etc.. Yes the government provides punishment for these laws, but where do these laws against these crimes come from? It obviously comes from faith and religion since religion provides these laws to the society; without religion there would be no such thing as those laws. It also makes people feel scared knowing the consequences they will get from their lord if they committed such crimes.
Religion has provided many benefits to the society
People who believe in a religion, according to some researches tend to have less anxiety and depression compared to those who don't believe; this is because they know they have somebody to look up to when they feel like they've lost hope.
Religion gives us meaning and purpose; without religion, we wouldn't be learning new things like different languages or different cultures. Religion is what shapes people to become better individuals


I'll start off with some rebuttals:
1. 'Imagine a world without religion.... people would be doing all sorts of things like rape, murder, stealing, kidnapping etc.' No evidence is used to justify this claim at all. I don't see the logical link. My opponent states that laws against these crimes come from faith, however, again he provides absolutely no evidence and merely claims it is 'obvious', which once again, I don't see. Countries such as China, in which most people don't identify as religious, still have laws against such things [1], and this is because the true reason for these laws is dual: firstly, the existence of these laws provides personal security that others won't be able to harm you (purely self-interest) and secondly due to empathy. People do not possess empathy because of religion, empathy is something that existed all throughout human history and which the most convinced of atheists possess.

2. The second main point appeals to the idea of religion being beneficial in regards to depression and meaning. Firstly, my opponent has not provided any references to the research he claims exists but if we assume it does and indeed backs this idea then that is still meaningless for two reasons. 1) It could be that it's not religion that makes us less depressed but more that depressive people are driven more towards disbelieving God, 2) one can accept that this is a benefit of religion but still see an overall net negative in the sense that even if religion can result in lower depression rates, I would argue that overall the lack of religion still would provide more benefits than the presence of religion. For example, the tens of countries which restrict the rights of women wouldn't do so. The tens of thousands of fighters fighting for religious terrorist organisations wouldn't do so because they would be without motivation. Furthermore, people such as homosexuals would not be persecuted simply on the grounds of an old book condemning their practices. Not even to mention the scientific advancements that would be more likely to be supported and accepted if the population didn't cling onto outdated beliefs and rejected any scientific evidence against such.

In regards to religion giving us meaning, this is perfectly true. The following point about people not learning different languages without religion is self-evidently false due to the number of atheists and agnostics who do so. Different people derive meaning from different things, religion is only one thing meaning can be derived from. This is of course anecdotal and should not be treated as an argument but the atheists and agnostics (such as myself) that I deal with are no less passionate about life than the religious people I know. People can and do pick their own purpose in life. One example being my purpose in life is to succeed in politics.

Debate Round No. 2


No evidence is used to justify this claim at all
I will give you evidence:
Thousands of years ago, before Islam came to Mecca, men would bury their daughters alive, torture their slaves, disrespect towards their parents and elderly, women were degraded, rape, murder, stealing.... all sorts of bad things. People literally didn't even know right from wrong. But when Islam came, people realized how bad they were and changed themselves.
Islam and other religions even taught cleanliness. Back in the days, the kings and queens would only shower ONCE a month, till religion introduced cleanliness.
Whether people like it or not, religion has played a huge in society and how the world is today, and those same people who have been raised in a religious family and brought up by their morals and ethics now claim that religion has no importance in society.
Before religion, back in those days in the Western society, infanticide was a big issue, children who were disabled or had a problem or were deformed, would either throw them from a cliff and drown them.
And the laws have been derived from religion; like the Ten Commandments which has been one of the first set of laws for humanity; such as no stealing, physical and violent abuse, no disrespect to one's parents and neighbors, no sex before marriage, etc..
And also religion doesn't restrict the rights of women, where are you getting this from? Yes, there are religious countries who may not give equal rights to women, but that is because they either do not follow their religion properly and its jurisprudence and fundamental teachings It's not only that, it's just the media itself who keep spreading lies and hatred to mostly to Islam and a few other religions. They keep saying that Islam oppresses and tortures women when clearly, it states that men and women are equal and I will quote from the Holy Quran:
"And according to usage, women too have rights over men similar to the rights of men over women."

(al-Qur"an, 2:228)
But sadly there are many Muslims who don't follow their book properly, and if you ever heard of men harassing or beating up their wives; that's just part of culture, it has nothing to do with religion. I made a mistake from before about saying religion teaches us new cultures, I've realized that religion and culture are two different things.
And it is true about how religion gives people less depression and anxiety and I'll give you an example:
People face trials and tribulations in life, and this obviously would lead to someone having depression at one point. One main purpose of religion is that it helps you through your day to day problems of life, allowing one to turn up to God and ask for His help. If there wasn't such thing as God or a religion, people would have completely lost hope if they were for instance poor people and had no one to turn up to because of their suffering. The trials and tribulations you face in life is a test from God, and one who believes in God will realize the reason behind their depression or anxiety, knowing that this is nothing more than a test from God. Yes religion can cause depression but that's only if you don't follow religion properly.
And religion doesn't tell people to become extremists as what we are seeing today. It is just peoples' mentalities to make religion seem like its extremism, for example, terrorist groups we see in the Middle Eastern countries have given Islam a bad name by killing thousands of innocent people and slaughtering them; and nowhere in the Holy Book claims that one must kill one another, even if the person isn't Muslim as the Holy Quran states that killing one person is equal to killing all humanity.
Non religious people tend to have mental illnesses like anorexia and others, like homosexuals. They are mental people who have corrupted the way marriage was meant to be, for a man and woman. And if you do not want to look at it from a religious perspective, mother nature has created it this way and all these people are doing is disrupting the nature with their mentalities.
Now you see religion definitely has a major part in society, without it people would be lost, people wouldn't even know the meaning of life and death.
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Debate Round No. 3
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