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Should roblox be shutdown

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Started: 11/2/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The problem with Roblox is that there are games that are making companies like Pokemon and others are losing money because of games in Roblox it it is bad


I"ll be taking the side of con.

TL;DR : ROBLOX beating other games in the "video game market" isn"t a valid reason to shut it down.

Before I start with my argument, I"d like to clarify that I"m not a "ROBLOX Fan". I"m only here to argue that ROBLOX shouldn't get a "shutdown" because of it"s potential in reaching a " $10 million annual revenue for its top creators "(1). Also since I"m not familiar with the mechanics of ROBLOX, I expect that I might have some errors about the game in my upcoming rebuttals.

Heres my arguments :


First, let me remind you how capitalism works.

In a capitalist system , the producers compete with the other producers so they can profit as much money as possible from the consumers. And it just happens that ROBLOX is one of the producers competing with other video games (like
Ife is strange and the pokemon game series). This basically means that the video game market has a "survival to the fittest" because of the nature of competitiveness. Sooo what does that mean? It means that ROBLOX is just good at "surviving" at the market. It"s all about survival mate. As for the "companies losing money" , it"s their own fault why they"re not having many consumers. The "companies losing money" made either games which are plain dumb or made the "I DONT CARE HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THE GAME, I JUST WANT YOUR DELICIOUS MONEY" type of game.

ROBLOX didn"t defeat the "companies losing money" but instead they lost because of themselves.


Imagine a scenario where you are a manager of a local shoe company. Your daily revenue is about $107,530 which coincidentally is at par with ROBLOX (2). Of course, at first it didn"t start like that but after using your blood and sweat there you are. Just imagine what can you buy with that amount of money.

But suddenly your company was shut down because the other shoe companies could"ve catch up with you. And with that all of your efforts are GONE.

Now before you counter me with the "support the local buisness " argument, I"d like to add that I myself prefer the local buisness than the "rich and big" companies. But to "shutdown" the "rich and big" companies because they perform better, now that"s too far.

And that sums up my argument.

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