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Should same sex marriage be legal?

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Started: 7/25/2015 Category: Religion
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Same sex marriage should not be legal due to God's creation of man and woman.
God made man and woman, not so a man could marry a man, or a woman could marry a woman. If you are a Christian, and believe in the Bible you should be against, because it is condemned in 1 Tim. 1:12. Plus it takes away a childs right to a mother or a father.


Although there are a variety of secular, or non-religious, reasons for why same sex marriage should be legal, such as the basic human right to freedom of choice and general equality under the law, I will debate you on a religious field as well. Throughout the Bible, we find that God demands that people love each other as one love's oneself and encourages behavior that increases goodwill among men, thus rather than spreading hate against individuals that were born, or created by God or not, doesn't it make sense to simply let love be love. My opponent loses because making same sex marriage illegal violates many LGBTQ individual's human and national rights as well as spreads hate instead of love as God, real or not, would want one to do. Don't hate love. Love is love.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes. I do believe you have a good point. Yes, God has a loving side but we must follow what God says. God will love you no matter what, but the Bible condemns homosexuality 2 times. Yes, we are to love everyone, but that doesn't mean we have to approve of what they do. Same thing with God, he loves us, but doesn't mean he approves of what we do. Same thing with your parents also.


The Bible contradicts itself thousands of times. Two entries claim homosexuality is an abomination, yet many others endorse it, such as Matthew 8:5-13, when Jesus affirms a gay couple, Ruth 1:14 when Ruth loves Naomi as Adam loved Eve, or even Samuel II 1:26 when David loves Samuel more than women. Thus, we can't look at individual passages and hate homosexuality just because of these instead we should look to the overall message of the bible.

And that message is love each other with your whole heart. Jesus wouldn't discriminate. He didn't condemn murders, criminals, and evil people, instead he said turn the other cheek and love everyone steadfastly.

If we took the bible literally, 100% of the time we'd be living in one crazy world (

All we know for sure is that we should strive to live in peace and harmony with others. Love each other like brothers. And remain faithful.

Even if you don't buy any of this religious stuff, we have to accept that no government should make its laws based off of religious scripture. Governments must remain non-secular and a non-secular government would most assuredly want to protect homosexuals human rights.

Thank You
Debate Round No. 2


We have to look at individual passages in the Bible. Same thing as in the constitution of the United States. If we didn't our world would be in chaos. It lists murder individually in verses. Why are we not to focus on that verse? If you look up in Sodom and Gomorrah they were involved in homosexuality, and God burn't their cities down. We must look at the Bible word for word. Or else there would be no point in putting it their. We find all the sins the Bible says in individual verses.
(Murder, drunkedness, gambling, etc).

Thank you.


My opponent's rebuttal largely fails once again, because my opponent claims we must instead look to individual verses of scripture. This is false, because although true the bible tells one not to murder in an individual verse, this sentiment is also supported by the broader themes of the bible, like loving one's neighbor. In other words, this individual statement aligns with the bible's overall message, whereas anti-homosexual verses don't align with the overall message and are contradicted numerous times and thus should be disregarded.

Because the bible tells one to conduct themselves in a loving, non-discriminatory manner towards one's fellow man, same sex marriage finds religious justification and is not forbidden by scripture. In addition to this, same sex marriage should be legal because governments ought to have a separation between the church and the state, a key argument that my opponent leaves unrefuted.

Thus, because I win the religious debate, and the separation of church and state in law making goes unrefuted, you should vote in the affirmation of same-sex marriage.

Thank You.

Vote Affirmative.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jtheguy 3 years ago
not going to comment on the legal stand point just the religious point
the people in the bible you accuse of being gay is ridicules look through the old testament where does it ever use the expression love to mean sexual relationship any time the bible discusses a sexual relation ship it uses an expression like and he knew her not once does it ever use the language of love to express sexuality. so maybe you'll ask what does the bible mean when it says and Ruth loved Naomi or David told Jonathan that his love for him was more than that of woman?
it means like a parent loved a child what does it mean when a mother loves her child does it mean obviously the parent is not talking about sexuality
so you see the word love doesn't have to do with sex so when Ruth loved Naomi it means like a parent loves a child or a child loves a parent and when David says love more than that of a woman it means like a person loves a friend that you have done so much for me even that which a woman does not compare
only recently are people assuming that love means sex it didn't always mean that and it shouldn't mean that
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