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Should school trade tablets for textbooks

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Started: 12/17/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Why I am against this is because kids need to read books so they can start to read when every and not have to press a key and so they will read books more than reading online.



Looking forward to debating with you today. I shall list my points after each letter.

A. The world is constantly changing as time progresses. This equals more technology developing and becoming more prevalent.

B. First there were textbooks, Now there are iPads, Tablets, Laptops etc things of that nature. As time changes, Us humans must become accustomed to things.

C. It is now the time for tablets generally speaking. This means certain things will become easier, Such as -- students don't have to worry about carrying a lot of heavy textbooks. Tablets will be easier to handle and it would be much easier for teachers/instructors to distribute as learning tools for the students.

D. There may be some old textbooks meaning torn out pages, Students scribbling all over the pages with inappropriate things on them perhaps and things of that nature.

E. Reading online is just the same as reading from a text book. Nowadays students are tech savvy. We are always on our phones -- I say we since I am a college student. So with that being said, Tablets would work in their favor as opposed to modern textbooks.

In closing:
Tablets are easier to use, Easier to distribute, More convenient and lighter than a textbook so it will be easier carrying it around. It's better than to flip through tons of pages just to get where you need to be. Plus as I said in point A, More and more technology is playing a big part in society and we must adapt to them.

I am now done with my response. Thank you.
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Posted by TheBoldDebator 3 years ago
My school only uses books for math XD we use electronics for everything else
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