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Should schools be allowed to take non-educational Trips?

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Started: 4/20/2014 Category: Society
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I was very lucky to have 3 field trips my eighth grade year, but I still think I could've had more. I'm in High School now and I am in a band, and we had a difficult time having the band being able to go to SeaWorld.

I've never been to Disneyland in my life. But I've been to Disneyworld.

The District isn't even paying for the transportation, we've been forced to do that on our own. But that's besides the point.

One of my trips I took in eight grade was going to see Iron Man 3. And that was amazing! The first time I ever went to the theaters with the entire eight grade! I really am not joking when I say their could've been more trips like that! I mean come on, what do school districts think? Students are going to die at the theaters? Think about it for a second.

Have you been able to go onto a non-educational trip?


School budgets are restricted enough as it is, at least where I live. Spending all this money benefits no one really except for the students, but we must remember the purpose of our fine education establishments. This "Non-education field trip" money should be spent on better student facilities in school, and for better supplies. It's absurd to waste that money given from the government to send some students to Disneyland. Disneyland sucks too.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, due to the economy, schools have been forced to cut down on what they spend on. But that doesn't mean they can't raise their own money in fundraising. Yes, fundraising can be a hassle at times, especially right now. But their still ways to continue making money and spreading it to things they need most. So, you're point is basically invalid.

Schools now, (In America) are spreading their money at education. Their wanting higher percentages of students passing mainly math and reading standardized tests. Which is good to do, but then not really good. Yes, schools want students to excel in school but schools are going a little over-board with education. Not many schools do any "Fun-Friday's" anymore. It's healthy sometimes to not really strain on math, science, reading or any other class that students may have. To do something fun, and then go back to it. If a trip was given a non- educational trip before the exams, (whichever students were taking the exam), it would actually help them out!

There was a study shown that some students learn better in the classroom than at a educational trip. I mean come on, do you remember all the facts about dinosaurs and other deceased animals given to you at a museum you went to? Not likely. If you were taught about dinosaurs and other deceased animals in class, you remember that better.

School has become a pain, most students are more likely to space out than focus in a class. Especially on a Monday, students really don't have the energy. I think, if more non-educational trips were given all the stress and boringness of classes for students would decrease.


"Schools now, (in america) are spreading their money at education. Their wanting higher percentages of students passing mainly math and reading standardized tests. Which is good to do, but then not really good. Yes, schools want students to excel in school but schools are going a little over-board with education".

You obviously have some contradicting points in here, along with some ludicrous ones. First of all, I don't really know If the government is actually increasing funds to schools, although I wish they were. Also, how do you know what the government wants out of our educational facilities? You say its good to do standardized tests, but then you see its not good. You can't be on the fence. What studies do you have to prove that recreational activities help students before a exam? I thought studying was the best thing to do.

I don't understand when you tell me that some students learn better in the classroom then on a educational field trip. Four things :

1.Some do and some don't. People have preferences.
2.It's good to change your scenery.
3.It sounds like your arguing for me.
4.This paragraph is irrelevant. I thought we were talking about the pros and cons of NON-educational field trips.

"School has become a pain, most students are likely to space out than focus in class"

I enjoy school, that first statement is a matter of opinion, and where are we getting these facts from? Sources please?
Debate Round No. 2


The government doesn't want out of education facilities. Standardized tests are essential. There's no way around them. And I was saying that before the exam, ( a week if possible), to go have a non educational trip. Yes, studying is the best thing to do. But many students think it's the end if they don't cram all they learned. And cramming isn't a good thing.

SOME students learn better in the classroom then on a educational field trip. It was a paper I and the class read in Science, talking about educational vs non educational field trips. 2 big groups of students went to a museum, they were asked the same questions the tour guide asked the students, and half of the students didn't give the correct answer. The other half remembered. Then another 2 group went to see a big movie that everyone, (at the time, was talking about). It didn't state the movie. (It was published in 2012, so I'm guessing the Avengers or the Dark Knight Rises). Yes, people have preferences. But come on, how MANY students WANT to go to a museum nowadays? IT'S LESS LIKELY! Think about it for a minute. For example, going to the theaters to see the Avengers vs. going to go to a Zoo. What would you chose? GOING TO SEE THE AVENGERS! I mean, who WOULDN'T?! You would rather go to see the most talked about film that everyone (in 2012) was talking about!

I do enjoy school as well, but I mean, when it comes down to seeing an awesome movie with your high school friends, going to the museum, is immediately scratched out!


No, what I was saying was that the government isn't SUBSTANTIALLY increasing school budgets, at least around where I live. And you don't know the way most students think.

I don't care if your class read some paper about field trips, and that experiment is complete trash, Their basing a survey on ONE class? Seriously? Yeah, talk about mass demographics! One class of students to base a study and opinion on! Golly gee whillikers! Why is it less likely for student to not go to a museum? I like museums. I like zoo's. Observation of nature is a fancy of mine! Please stop making opinions for me, I did not want to go see the avengers when It came out. Big whoop, right?

You're last statements convince me jack squat to the superiority of non-educational fields trips to that of any other curricular activity. I enjoy education field trips I go on, I went to a Ski mountain to study snow fall and mountain animals, and I went to the local aquarium, to study to animals. Not all educational field trips are boring, quite the opposite in fact.
Debate Round No. 3
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