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Should schools be separated by gender?

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Started: 3/29/2018 Category: Society
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This debate is inspired by another debate I participated in but was disqualified. I'll be arguing for the con side and I hope whoever accepts the challenge debates civilly with me.


This house believes that schools should be separated by gender.

Our first point is on the link between schools and the societies they are based in.
Let us take the classical Google definition of gender:
"The state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones)."
We can thus draw a link between schools and socio-cultural influences. Without society, there would be no use for schools,
and therefore, when society determines how the male and female gender is defined, schools naturally should follow such a definition.
In general, the two genders are normally separated and thus, schools will follow such behaviour, differentiating between boys and girls within the school.

Our second point is on the problem of inappropriate interaction between the members of both genders.
WIth good education in schools, males and females will learn to control desires, but if there are no fixed boundaries (i.e.: the separation of genders in schools), they will be unhindered to take inappropriate action, leading to undesirable results whilst exploring their sexuality.

Our third point is about the natural predetermination for members of both genders to understand themselves better before mixing and socialising with those different from themselves. Scientific research has noted many important links in the development of children if they are educated in same-sex schools in their early childhood. Separating genders in schools is proven to allow children to develop better, imbuing them with characteristics of caution when approaching members of the opposite gender later in life. It is also a good chance for both genders to be prepared for mutual respect, in tandem with serious issues of gender inequality in the world right now.

Therefore, this house believes that schools should be separated by gender.
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