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Should schools have a class that teaches kids how to get better at Fortnite?

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Started: 5/30/2018 Category: Funny
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Schools should have a class dedicated to teaching kids the fundamentals of fortnite and how to get better. There would be mobile, console, and pc's set up in the classroom and kids could play. Each test gets graded based on how the student preformed in a solo match of battle royale. Places 80-100 F grade. Places 60-80 D Grade. Places 40-60 C grade. Places 20-40 B grade, and Places 2-20 A grade. And If you get 1st you get a A+. Students would probobly study harder for this class and students would get a console, moible device, or a pc to be able to do their homework in this fortnite class.


The whole point of going to school is to enhance your education. We go to school to learn and prepare ourselves for the future. By adding video games into the curriculum, you are not only taking away the students focus towards other classes, but you are taking away any potential they ever had.

Now that Fortnite would be a class, students would now play it even more than what they already do. They would rather do this than actually doing their homework and learning. Students would develop negative traits, that would inherently make them less comparable in society. They would develop traits like lack of focus, close-minded, not being open to new things, and most importantly, trying. They would not try to do anything but Fortnite, that would be their goal. They would not try and do work or even get a job. Not all students would be experiencing this, but this is a slippery slope that could inevitably lead to the death of a generation.
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