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Should schools have a dress code?

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Started: 2/27/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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If schools are to have dress codes then they should not aim it towards the girls. Yes the guys have some but the dress code mainly concerns the girls. Obviously I do not think that students should be showing up to school in booty shorts and crop tops, but they have so many strict rules just so that the guys can "stay focused." In my opinion if they are going to have this many rules dedicated to how people are dressing, then we should just be assigned uniforms. Yes some people may think that uniforms are more of a pain, but if the students had a say in the uniforms it may not be that big of a deal. MY point is that school should be about learning not if we are dressing the correct way.


I disagree. I think having a dress code is the perfect way to promote individuality (letting kids wear what they want) also while putting certain corners on it so that kids don't go overboard and it doesn't distract from the school's educational mission. Hate to break it to you but school is about learning, not about what you wear. And its not aimed towards girls. There are rules which go against having vulgar messages on clothing and also if your clothing promotes a certain gang or gang-like behavior. These rules can be aimed towards guys and girls.
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Posted by Trump27 3 years ago
The dress code is not mostly aimed against the girls. Our school has uniforms, and the girls get to wear a shirt and skirt, with many different shoe options, while the boys have to wear a button down dress shirt, dress pants, a tie, a belt, a sweater or sweater vest and one type of dress shoe. The girls technically are not allowed to have nail polish or earrings, but they always get away with it, They get to accessorize their hair and crap, and for some reason get special days to wear their volleyball jerseys while the boys do not even get a picture in the yearbook for football. It is completely and utterly ridiculous and I would like to make the point that the dress code can go both ways. Also, since when would a boy ever be able to get away with the mini skirt, crop top, etc stuff, never in a million years. Just because the girls are more regulated doesn't mean it limits them more, as they have way more options to choose from in the first place.
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