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Should schools have armed guards?

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Started: 3/1/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Debate Round No. 1


Schools should have armed guards.

Mass shooting has been steadily increasing, it has tripled since 2011. 31% of these mass shootings occur in the US and 53% of the school shootings have occurred in K-12. Students at K-12 levels are mostly incapable of defending themselves and lets not forget that these are developing teenagers who could down to depression really quickly. Usually, depression is a prime factor of school shootings.

If you were to add armed guards to all the schools these numbers have a chance to drastically drop. If there were ever a case of violence in school, trained and armed security proffesionals would be able to handle it with ease. To add to this the security guards constantly watch the students everyday and may give the school an option to equipment cameras the would increase security even more and increase their effectiveness. The guards also have the obligation to stop any form of bullying which could lead to bullying numbers around the world going down because of these guards. They also may be able to note the ones who seem to be going through a hard time and might go out of their way to help the.

These guards are extremely capable of dealing with threats as they are trained every while some of the guards even have pass military or police experience. The guards also go through numerous programs to enhance their skills.


No, too much chance for things to go wrong with readily available weapons on school setting. 1. More and better improved security system is a more practical solution to school setting, not more weapons.
2. Wrong teaching to our young minds-prepare more violence to end violence.
3. Unrealistic to assume armed guards will have proper weapons to handle crazy gunman at the right time and right place.
4. Greater chance for unfortunate things to happen. Armed staffs, teachers, guards may be equally dangerous if they have an issue (family, relationships, jobs) that triggers them to turn against the school and students.
Debate Round No. 2


A more improved security solution is armed guards. The lockdown procedures are useless if the shooter is smart. Even experts say the lockdown procedures aren't reliable. Cameras won't be able to actively stop an intruder. The only way to stop a gunman is through security guards. I would actually like to here of the improved security systems you speak of.

If only we could calmly talk to the gunmen which you, yourself marked 'crazy' then we wouldn't need any guards. The lockdown procedures don't work. If the gunmen were able to go into your room then they would shoot you dead. The entire reason why we even have lockdown procedures is for the police, and the police will also use violence to apprehend the gunman. If there are other ways to subdue a crazy gunman, then the world would be a much safer place as of now.

It is realistic that these guards will have proper weapons. Lets not forget that you hire these guards from private organizations that train them, some of them even have military or police experience. I don't think having a gun pointed at them would be a big shock. These guards are also required to go through training and have numerous background checks and have to earn certain certifications just to be a bodyguard.

I'm not talking about teachers or school staff. I am talking about armed professional guards. And its unlikely for a school to only have 1 guard. They would most likely have multiple guards patrolling the school. Also it is extremely unlikely for an armed guard who has had a clean record to turn on killing students because of his personal problems. There has also never been an incident of school guards turning on the students.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CosmoJarvis 3 years ago
"We need to protect the students from bears!"
Posted by thebestdebate 3 years ago
Ah, pro is taken.
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