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Should schools have classes based on the interest of students instead of the usual required classes

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Started: 4/26/2018 Category: Education
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I think if students were given the opportunity to choose what kind of classes they want, then they will be better prepared for life after high school. Instead of taking the usual required classes like geometry and biology etc.. Why not take classes that interest the students? Classes that are based on the type of career the student is looking to have. Like for example, if a student wants to be an artist or something related to that then why not have more art classes. I mean of course students will need the basic classes to learn the necessities but more classes should be provided for students to choose from. I think students will do a lot better in schools if this happens because they would be more interested considering its something they like and look forward to later on. Any thoughts?


Yes, it is true that it might be better to choose subjects for your career, but most students would probably just choose the easiest subjects and the ones that have no homework so that they have more time for games and other fun activities. This would be bad for their education, and the only way to prevent that is to have specific subjects that you MUST do.
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Posted by I_dont_know123819837 3 years ago
Robert, if students chose to easy course, let them. It's their choice. We can't chose their paths for them. Teachers are only their to guide them. I can't vote so I'm just commenting.
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