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Should schools have metal detectors?

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Started: 4/1/2014 Category: Education
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While some may believe metal detectors are a way to keep schools safe from weapon handlers, they can cause a large block in the school's entry, and if the detector so happens to detect an object that is not a weapon, it will slow down the process even more! Also, who's to say that an armed individual could not attack in the entry hall? if they have a good enough weapon, they could easily do major damage.


The risk is less than the reward. A couple years back, a student at our local high school had managed to bring a pistol to school. It was caught by the metal detectors, and the student was arrested. When questioned, he said he wanted to shoot the boy who was bullying him. I'm sure that bully will take life over waiting times at a metal detector any day.

There tends to be higher security at entry points to schools as opposed to class rooms, making a shooting spree less likely. These metal detectors are manned by a security guard(s), who is trained to watch for unusual activity, also making it less likely for the shooter to succeed.

A little discomfort, and the needle delivers the medicine. Such is life.
Debate Round No. 1


while that may be true, students will miss valuable time they need to be learning in class. this can cause a long chain of events, from minor to major. we can not allow students to miss valuable time of their school day waiting in line at the front door.


The metal detectors would help to ensure that there would be students alive to teach. Even sacrificing an hour of education for the safety of our younger generation is justifiable. In the long run, this safer environment, when managed correctly, can make the young feel safer. Furthermore, the answer to long waiting lines is to add more metal detectors, to improve line flow, not to get rid of them all together. Lives are above and beyond education, which is why we give our mentally challenged the right to live.
Debate Round No. 2


I concede you have a valid point, however, adding more detectors means more money, and some schools don't have the budget to pay for them. Also, who's to say that some students may be intimidated by the guards manning the detector, especially students in the early years of elementary school.


Schools receive aid from the state, and if they push hard enough they can get the funding for these metal detectors, and even if they couldn't , it doesn't make the metal detectors any less of a need. There are some schools that have trouble maintaining a balanced nutrition for it's students, but that doesn't make food less of a need.

Your other point would suggest that kids are skittish toward things commonly seen in public libraries, and museums. Security guards shouldn't be a new thought. Schools have police officers that visit schools often, who are much more likely to use a weapon than a security guard.

In conclusion, my opponent has made a great effort in this debate, and I respect him fully for it. I would feel honored to debate with him further in the future.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Debatedude121 7 years ago
@Jabuticaba with great ease.
Posted by Jabuticaba 7 years ago
@A341 With great semantics.
Posted by A341 7 years ago
@RiskTaker With great difficulty.
Posted by RiskTaker 7 years ago
How exactly is pro going to win this?
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