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Should schools have vending machines

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Started: 12/7/2018 Category: Education
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Yes, We should. Kids are always growing, Which can make us super hungry. And if we are hungry, We want food. Vending machines on educational grounds makes for a cheap, Quick snack. Some kids don't like to eat that much, And sometimes they get hungry when they think they wouldn't. If so, One can simply buy a healthy snack from a vending machine. Plus, If one were to want a quick snack for a minimal amount of money, They can easily walk up to a vending machine and buy a snack(s). I know that a vending machine costs a lot to put in and a fair amount of money to restock, But vending machines can also prompt healthy eating habits by supplying nutritious foods. It can offer a good snack for a good price. Case closed. (plus, Why have to drive to a vending machine or a store when you can just walk a few feet away? )


Hi, Thank you for the challenge. I may not present the most optimal reasons during the first round as I just woke up from a nap; however, I will do my best!

First and foremost, I will simply start by agreeing to your reasons, Then proceed to argue why they might not be the most optimal and then conclude by offering better alternatives (in my opinion) for each of your reasons.

1. Kids are always growing, Which can make us super hungry. Therefore, We want food. (I love it)
So, In this point you're clearly stating that growth is important for kids and that food is a basic physiological need. However, There are many other types of growth and needs (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) which I will talk more about in my final point. For now I will start by responding with some questions: How much food does one need to survive? What about the child's parents? Aren't they able to provide them with a lunch, An even better and healthier one than what a vending machine can offer? What about water? Isn't water more important than food? Anyway, That's my response to your first point.

2. Vending machines on educational grounds makes for a cheap, Quick snack.
I agree with this, But then you would get hungry again because all you've had is a junk (empty calories)" Therefore, Cheaper and quicker doesn't always mean better. An alternative would be for the parents to decide what is better for their kids. Ultimately, What I'm trying to saying is kids should not be allowed to decide what is good or not especially if they haven't been properly educated on what is good or bad. Also I would like to clarify for the sake of the argument, Are we taking away lunch (food from home) out of the equation or just asking if Vending Machines do more harm than good?

3. Some kids don't like to eat that much
True, But that has to do with reasons such as medical, Environmental. . . In my opinion, If a kid doesn't eat much they are 1. Coming from a family of low income 2. Medical reasons 3. Underlying issues that need to be addressed
because let's be real. Kids eat a lot. They're supposed to, Because of puberty and growth like you mentioned. However, Let's say that they don't. In this case, The parent/teacher should bring forth the concern to light and do something about it. That's my opinion.

4. Healthy alternatives
Nothing is healthy, Unless you actually know what's in it. Let's use hunting as an example and then compare it to Fast Food. They both require a process of decontamination -> skinning, Filtering, Cooking, Except one source is coming from a corrupt industry while the other is being made by you so if you're sick, Well that's on you. Only you're accountable because you made it. Therefore, Nothing is really healthy unless we're 100% conscientious that the food was prepared at it's best. Sure, Making your own food is not as convenient as inserting coins into a machine. . . But there are many problems with that such as the machine jamming, Giving the wrong item, Taking your money and now you're left hungry + broke.

5. Vending Machines encourage healthy eating habits + supply nutritious foods + good price
I mean, If you really think so. I think they promote the opposite and that is "Give us your money in return for junk that will slowly ruin your health and require for you to spend more money to fix it". Never once as a kid did I say to myself, "Wow, So many healthy options to choose from! " when looking into a vending machine. Maybe now my view would be slightly different (Vitamin Water + Sandwiches compared to the typical Mars Bars, Doritos, Pop), But I would never encourage my children to eat from a vending machine > home cooked food, Because let's be real. . . Mom's spaghetti is the best.

Ultimately, I believe that vending machines are more harmful than good if an individual decides to abuse it. Just like the moral of any story in my opinion: Always have a limit for everything. In addition to this point, It doesn't mean take away Vending Machines. It simply means we should regulate the usage of it and realize that it's not the healthiest option, Because food is just one of our survival needs. We need security and safety, Which I believe is more important when it comes to our basic needs because like mentioned above, If a kid is coming from a place of low income/underlying problems then it's safe to say that whether h/she chooses to use a Vending machine or not isn't the real issue. The real issue is that parents are responsible for their children's well-being; in other words, Adults should do a better job of taking care + looking out for their own. (Case not closed)

I'm sure you have other points you would like to mention so please, Do not hesitate to try and change my mind.

"Find your reason"
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