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Should schools not the Standered tests/ mca and others

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Started: 3/13/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think the Standered tests should not be a thing because to me all it dose is let you compare your score with your friends . Another thing the Standered test dose is let the country compare your school with other schools and it compares your state with others. The last thing it dose is show if you learned anything from your teachers.


I guess I'll be explaining why standardized test should exist and not be destroyed...

First off, let's start off with common logic.
You pointed out that standardized test should not exist mainly due to the comparison that is created in a specific social environment. People/societies compare grades, and that causes people to go sad and all.
If the comparison is such a big issue in your case, this should mean that ACT, SAT, and other fundamental tests shouldn't exist as well. All these tests could cause comparison, making people sad and angry, too.
So should we destroy these type of tests, too?
NOPE. Then what defines the luxury of education? Ivy-League schools, which are known for their top colleges and educations, are known for their top education. They look at this test-to-go-to-college tests and determine if you could join their community or not. If we destroy these test-to-go-to-college test, how will they know which students to accept?
You may be saying GPA. But think about it. GPA consists of that TESTS that are being graded, which could be COMPARED between students in their class. Seeing this, if we were to destroy standardized test, it would cause so many chaoses in the future.
These paragraphs soon conclude the reason that simply COMPARISON isn't the right "support" to back up your claim and that standardized test should not be destroyed

***So, IF we were to destroy standardized tests because people compare grades and become sad, it is also reasonable to destroy other fundamental tests such as ACT, SAT, driver's license test, etc, because these tests also cause COMPARISON and make people sad, too. Is this right to every single tests in this world? Nope.

Now, let's get down to business.

Let's first define what a test is.
According to Google dictionary, it says, "a procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something, especially before it is taken into widespread use." In other words, tests are like a "tryout" or an "audition" to the next level. Tests are basically measuring your ability on a certain subject and determines if you continue your path or not.

Now let's start on the first day of school of 7th grade. It is usual that the 7th-grader would know little or no information that will be taught in the school year. (If they do know, then he/she should take classes like honors or classes that could be for high school, or even college, credit.) At the end of the year, the teacher should have thaught all the information that is needed for its student to go to 8th grade. (Again, according to Google dictionary, teacher means, "a person who teaches, especially in a school.") If the teacher didn't teach, then that contradicts the definition of a teacher, which, in other words, should mean that teacher should be fired. (Sorry, the last statement was off topic)
Now, to make sure that the student learned all the information that is needed for a 7th grader, they give him/her a test, called a standardized testing. This measures that person's weakness and strengths. So, as the student heads off to 8th grade, the 8th grade teacher are able to know what that particular student is still struggling on and could review it for him/her.

Standardizing testing are invented to help you, not to hurt you. It's just that people make it a way that causes hurtness. So really, it's the students that are comparing their scores with other students that should stop. If these students stop comparing and being so sad it, then it would be better.

In conclusion, standardized tests should continue.
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