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Should semi-auto rifles be legal?

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Started: 4/22/2014 Category: Politics
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The second amendment clearly states that citizens have the right to government level firearms.


YHWH shouldent be league becouse if they are the violence will increase Roberts will get better weapons and murderers will kill more easily and gangster shutouts will become a bigger danger
Debate Round No. 1


A gun if the hands of responsible citizens can stop a crime There is a small town in the American south that requires you to own a firearm, do they have a high crime rate? No! they have one of the lowest crime rates in the nation because criminals do not want to meet the business end of my Ar-15!


My opponent claims that semi automatic Guns will help reduce crime rate he does have a point that it will help with fighting back robbers but most people will go for the famous pistol or shotgun rather then a rifle but semi auto magic rifles will ,oat likely end up in the hand of some pretty deadly criminals rather then regular worried civilians which will increase the crime rate not bring it down
Debate Round No. 2


What I am trying to say is that if you put any firearm in the hands of responsible citizens is can stop any criminal with any type of gun. I know it wont stop the criminal every time, but it defiantly will at least 70% of the time. (or help restrain until police arrive.)


My opening says that if you put a gun in a responsible citezems but what's to make it go into the hand of a murder or a insane man any man can get a gun with a permit even ones who will use it for bad . What I am saying is that crime is bad as it is and we should keep the guns that are league but no more guns can be league we as a race are violent and we will eventuly use it in a bad way
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TL_the_consetvative 6 years ago
For every 370000 leagle rifel in the United States only 1 is used in a murder every year so what you are saying is true 99.97 percent of the time
Posted by Theunkown 6 years ago
@ Olivia-Mills
Most governments of large countries are pretty much like that.
It is just the reality of large countries, be it in the west or the east.

I cannot say the same about the citizens making their own decisions (I do not know much about this matter)
Posted by Olivia-Mills 6 years ago
If you as an American have to ask if something is legal such as guns, then no, it should not be legal.

Why are you Americans still letting others make decisions for you and more so concerning your health and safety, its like you don't know how to govern your own person and most of you claim to be Christian and or Atheist, yet your higher power is a government you can neither see, hear or talk to and more so a government that doesn't even listen to.

I guess I have to accept the reality that Americans really are slaves.
Posted by Theunkown 6 years ago
Are you debating whether it is legal or whether it should be legal?
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