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Should sex stop being such a taboo topic

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Started: 3/29/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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What I don't get in this world is that we can talk about abuse, guns, debt, poor people racism, stabbing and kill people. Our world loves to objectify women and talk about rape but once someone mentions sex or even sex education the world wants you shut your mouth and keep it private.
I agree the physical act of sex should be kept behind doors, but looking at nude pictures or naked women, watching a sexual scene on a game shouldn't be a huge problem or censored unless someone doesn't like it,. Talking about sex shouldn't be this uncomfortable thing people make it out to be maybe if we did talk about it people would become more comfortable with it.
What this world doesn't really tell you is that sex is a positive, comfortable and enjoyable thing you do with that special someone. It releases oxytocin, improves immune system and makes you feel better. If people are worried about their kids having sex teach them to use a condom and give them adequate education.


In my opinion, sex is a taboo topic because it generally makes people uncomfortable. Over time, the genitals and sex as a whole have been developed as gross and inappropriate. It is really not the modern persons fault that their ancestors decided to do this. If something is considered gross and inapropriate, it is not good to talk about in public. Overall, the reason why sex is considered weird is because it has been developed as weird over time. A complete overhaul of everyones mindset would be impossible. Therefore, Sex is definitely not something you should talk about in public like you want everyone to.
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Posted by Tracy1999 3 years ago
From my perspective, talking about sex is not a huge issue . I have no clue why some people criticize someone who talks over it. Sex is apparent. Thus, the lessons about sex need to be ubiquitous . I will take my home country as an example. My country belongs to Asia , so sex is always recognised as a taboo topic. That is why, in my home country , even when we are in high school, we still have ambiguous knowledge about sex except some students taght by their parents or someone. For this reason, a lot of students seek sex by themselves in many different ways , namely watching sex films or having sex when they are still under 18 without using condom and so on which lead to a handful of abominable consequences such as abortion or HIV-AIDS and so forth. In sum, i suppose we do not feel embarrassing when talking about sex but most importanly , we have to know how to talk about it at the right time .
Posted by Amphia 3 years ago
Lol, we can't even talk about racism adequately.
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