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Should sports be illegal for children?

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Started: 3/9/2014 Category: Sports
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I think sports for kids should be illegal. They are dangerous and cause many injuries. People can break bones and even worse they can die. Also sports give you a false hope of being good at something. . Kids that just suck are so proud of making a kids team even though they aren't good. They think they will go pro and when they don't it effects the emotion and makes them feel bad about themselves physically and mentally.


Are you crazy? Sports bring children joy. Check this article out.
The sense of belonging is great for kids. They learn how to be better people and help others.
Sports make people happy and make them feel good about themselves.
Debate Round No. 1


Yeah sports do bring children joy but not competitive sports. I can agree with the joy but the competitiveness just takes the fun away. Also it may help in teamwork sometimes but competitive sports make children want to be better than one another. When every players goal on a team is to be the best and stand out it will cause separation in the team and effect chemistry and the youths childhood.

Taking away sports for kids below high school would make education the soul focus and kids would be smarter because of school being their soul focus. . Parents push kids to far to young and when kids bones aren't developed fully they are at a higher risk. Kids 5-14 make up 40 percent of sports injuries so if they made sports illegal for kids now until high school there wouldn't be injuries as bad and keep kids safe.

70 PERCENT OF KIDS AT AGE 13 GIVE UP ON SPORTS. Do you know why? This is because coaches and parents push them to hard. .

That's all.


A huge part of children's lives begin with sports. Obesity would rise by 1000%.
Look at this picture:
Do you want all kids to look like this? I know you love playing sports and being competitive. Imagine not being able to play sports. That would ruin your life.
Debate Round No. 2


Your links prove nothing. All your first link has done was define obesity and your second was just a picture. and do agree that obesity is a problem in kids but exercise is different than competitive sports; all I'm saying is that competitive sports specifically in children 13 and younger should not be allowed due to the fact these kids are pushed to hard by coaches, parents, and other adults. Sports are fun and a huge part of many peoples life but things like I have stated in my earlier arguments prove that it has gone to far in the childhood world of sports. Being a pro sports player can happen but it is a fantasy to an extent and education should come first. . Just look at some of the people who have said these quotes: People like Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. These all people we look up to have all said education is the key to the future not sports, and that is why I chose to represent the PRO side of why and should (competitive)sports for children be illegal.


Being pushed by parents teaches kids to work hard. If you don't work hard it is harder to have a good job and life. You said sports in the argument. Things that kids do individually, such as track or golf are still sports. That is not just team sports were kids are excluded if they are bad.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by demimorin 7 years ago
Obviously you just weren't good at sports then
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Reasons for voting decision: The topic was Should sports be illegal for children? Pro modified this to competitive sports after con made a winning argument Con did not accept this modification and continued to argue sports in general. Win to con.

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