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Should students be able play games in class?

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Started: 3/26/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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yes, they should. I am a middle school student and most of the information I remember is from video games. I don't think people should be able to just screw around on the phones. I think that they should be fun but teacher approved games that focus on the information we need for that subject and for OCCT (or any other state testing) tests


Thank you for the debate, I look forward to this one! Let's lay down a few things-

- I am under the assumption Pro is referring to video games. If that's incorrect, please clarify.
- The burden of proof is on you. You are asserting the claim, therefore in order to win this debate you must, with proof, prove that video games are beneficial in a learning environment.

To begin, we must note the fact that you began with a logical fallacy (anecdotal). Your personal experience with games ultimately doesn't matter.
Due to a lack of substantial argument presented in the first round, I am unable to refute any arguments. However, I can provide a statistic- a study done on students and gaming in class has in fact found there to be no correlation between the learning related video game and higher levels of learning [1]. This proves that video games in class are unnecessary and a waste of time.

Debate Round No. 1


I've been reading articles for the past year that video games such "Minecraft" have been helping elementary school kids learn math. even games such as "fortnite" have helped kids in school with math because people have to add materials to build and ammo for guns.

And you were correct about pro and con.


To begin, Pro fails to cite any type of source. In order to win this debate, he must effectively prove that teaching math via Minecraft is effective, and provides benefits that standard teaching doesn't.

Next, although Fortnite does provide a more "real life" application to basic addition, it does not mean that Fortnite should be played in class. In order for Fortnite to even be considered for this, you'd need to prove (with sources) that Fortnite provides an educational benefit that standard math doesn't.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


games such as "fortnite" shouldn't be played in school because of violence and I have found no articles about fortnite, I did find an article about five different ways games such as Minecraft can teach kids


Looking at your source, it fails to prove that Minecraft has benefits that go beyond what a normal lesson could do- and it in fact fails to provide any real benefits at all. It also never touches on math skills you mentioned previously in this debate, which means you failed to provide a source to back up your claim.

As it's last round, let's conclude-

Despite having the burden of proof, pro fails to provide any source that proves that video games provide benefits that can't already be obtained via normal classroom teaching. He fails to rebuttal any of my claims, and his single source doesn't back up his argument or prove that video games have some form of benefit that make them more beneficial than just a normal math lesson. He also backtracks, mentioning Fortnite and then saying that Fortnite shouldn't be allowed to be played in class.

Voters, you know who to vote for.

Thank you for the debate, I had fun.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Master_roach 3 years ago
kotaku says fortnite mobile is ruining schools
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Reasons for voting decision: Con easily takes this. Pro fails to show any reason why video games should be played in class, or why they should be preferable to an actual lesson. And their Fortnite argument is just a silly argument. There is no presented evidence to show that playing Fortnite is beneficial to learning addition.

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