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Should students be allowed to eat in class

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Started: 12/12/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Students should most definitely be allowed to eat in class. They eat breakfast at 7:30 am and are expected to wait until their lunch which can sometimes be as late as 1:30. That is 6 hours. The healthiest way for someone to eat is to eat something small every 2 hours. By waiting 6 hours one will get hungry, lose focus in class, and their grades will suffer. By eating, everyone will be sharp and more attentive.


Students should not eat in class.Students eating causes distraction to the teachers and for other students.Eating in class causes unnessarcy distraction and stops teachers form teaching.Students do get opportunity to eat breakfast in school and lunch.
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Therefore if someone's eating is distracting, they will be politely asked to stop being distracting, if that isn't possible, the student won't be allowed to eat. This will encourage students to bring soft foods without a wrapper and it will be convenient for everyone. And besides, a teacher can't teach anyways if their students aren't listening due to their hunger.
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