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Should students be expelled for bad grades

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Started: 2/26/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Students shouldn't be able to stay in school if they are not willing to try their best in school and at least meet standard or exceed standard


This is not a good reason for kids to not be allowed in school. If students are getting bad grades, they should be given a chance to get those grades up before being kicked out. Although, if you meant that the kids would have time to get their grades up, if they were to be kicked out if they have not met the expectations then where would they go. There are kids with horrible grades everywhere in the world. If all of those kids were kicked out, those boys and girls would be sent into the world with whatever level of information they had. Some of them would not be able to get back into school because they don't want to and/or their parents or guardians wouldn't care enough to send them back. This decision would lead to a global amount of people being less intelligent and a less effective and efficient human race. Which is not what we need right now since there are starving individuals, rising climates, and rough relations internationally. So anyone and everyone with enough education to fix these problems needs education to get there so someone needs to teach these kids to reach their full potential.
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Posted by wagwan_pifffting 3 years ago
I disagree, many teachers, including some of mine, take forever to grade something, and sometimes things may not save because there are many things that go wrong in electronics. I have a bad grade in one of my classes because of that and it's not my fault. And also some kids struggle in school a lot. Although they have bad grades, that doesn't mean they aren't trying.
Posted by laylachr 3 years ago
Students should not be expelled for bad grades. People are naturally good at some things and not others. Some students may not be achieving great standards in school work but are awesome a basketball etc, and that may be their primary focus/what they want to pursue a career in. Other students may be getting A's in English and F's in math. Everybody is different and we should all be given equal chances. Another thing to consider in this debate is that students mature differently, I know several people who were great academically in primary school but struggle in high school and vice versa.
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