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Should students be payed for having good grades?

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Started: 5/3/2017 Category: People
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Kids should work hard to get good grades to get a good education


The actual criteria of the debate is simple- whether or not children should be paid for good grades. But what does 'should' exactly mean in this case? We should clarify. Obviously, it comes down to intention-- is the goal to teach the children hard work, or is the goal to have the children learn? Considering your initial statement 'kids should work hard to get good grades' one can only assume you intended the criteria to be 'What is best for the children to grow?' Now, in a perfect world, this would be simple. Tell them that learning is crucial and that they should study. Then let them do the rest. However, we do not live in a perfect world. So it comes down to the results-- and the intention of school is to teach them things and how to work through the system.

The main portion of the school is high school and college. This is where the actual high-level stuff is taught, and where the student gains the most freedom. This means during high school and college they will begin to focus on self-oriented work and learning to work the system. In order to succeed in high school, however, one must understand the fundamentals. This is absolutely paramount.

For this reason, in order to ensure a student succeeds and reaches the highest level of school, therefore gaining the most from the experience, the goal should be to focus on learning the materials at a younger age. For this reason, it's logical to incentivize children with something other than the learning. Because at this age the learning is crucial, but they fail to comprehend the necessity of it. It's difficult for them to muster their own motivations when the goals seem so far off.

So if you are able to pay the kids for good grades, it will give them a reason to focus on learning instead of just making it through the day. They'll start working hard for the money and rewards, but end up staying for the satisfaction they get from learning things.
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