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Should students have P.e. everyday

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Started: 3/15/2018 Category: Health
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I think that students shouldn't have p.e everyday, because I most schools there is strict curriculum, consisting of various exercise, and betterment health.


Having P.E. every day has not been a problem for me, in fact, it is enjoyable, as well as good for children's health. Now, I'm not expecting every school to make 6-year-old kids run across town and back, but having P.E. every day could provide many benefits. It will make them more physically active, which is something every kid needs these days, especially with everyone sitting on their butt all day watching the television or playing video games. Also exercise can actually help people feel happier, they release some chemical that makes people happy, I forgot which one because I learned this a few years ago. Anyways, it also may help kids get their energy out as well, because many kids have pent-up energy from sitting in a classroom all day.
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Posted by curiousviewer 3 years ago
Perhaps not everyday, but more is definitely needed!
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