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Should students have to wear uniforms?

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Started: 2/13/2014 Category: Education
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There are many different reasons for school uniforms. Some say that school uniforms represents discipline and obedience while others say it prevents creativity and indiduality.
Uniforms prevents originallly of a student.if you wear the clothes you want,it might show your personality and give you confidence.Some students want to be different than others.uniforms makes you blend with others.The people who are different than other are usually the creative ones.
I do not perfer uniforms because they are uncomfortable.If you are uncormfotable during school, it would be hard for you to study. It would be diffucult to play sports and games in uniforms. In youer casual clothing you have the freedom to wear clothes of your own choice. This is why manty people pefer normal clothes.
Students should have freedomto wear anythingthey want.It is important to have uniquestyle and personality. If students are happy with what they are wearing, it would help them at school. Students would be morecomfotable in school if they are allowed to wear thier choice of of clothing.
This is my debate on if students should wear uniforms.


There are obviously reasons for wearing school uniforms which I would like to first list:
- To give students a sense of identity and loyalty to a school
- If a student becomes lost they are easier to find
- It means that students are stopped from coming in with clothing that is not socially acceptable which will inevitably happen even if rules are put in place.
I'm going to mention a few other reasons though, the first reason being that when school uniform is in use although it may cost money initially it means that people do not constantly spend larger and larger amounts of money on other clothing for school changing all the time for seasons as they spend most of the time by the people who would really be interested to them on the topic in school uniform. This saves a lot of money.
Even so the main point that you made even if it was not grammatically inspired is a commonly made point. The problem with that point is simple, pupils should not need to wear different clothing to show their creativity and individuality. They should be able to show that by how they act towards people and their ideas, they can do other things to show their creativity and individuality and if they want to show off their fashion creativity with social networks and times where you can be off school premise there are easily times to show that.
They can show it in their school work by having clever and different essays, projects and answers to others before justifying them or just join onto the many online courses, projects and websites that will allow them to show it. Schools even have subjects for it:
- Art
- Drama
- Design and Technology
- Even essay subjects where you can show your individuality and creativity by your opinions and arguments and taking opposite sides
- Debating subjects for the previous reason but even more so
People can be creative without mere clothing, its a foolish belief that people need to dress up to show they are different and that some people need to make sure that they parade that individuality in front of students instead of just being individual.
As for being difficult to wear sport in uniforms most schools have kit which allows them to move about freely in uniforms for sport and outdoor activity.
Finally on uniforms being uncomfortable, very few schools have uncomfortable uniforms, they know that if they have a class of itching and uncomfortable children it will not help them. It is a very large assumption that uniforms are uncomfortable and most are very comfortable. Even if the school did not switch on to that, don't you think that they would when year after year parents complained about uncomfortable children? Do you think that they would be completely unaware of the predicament?
Also on those that say are school does not allow this for uniforms. That is not a problem with the use of uniforms which is a valid idea but the specific school, an entirely separate question which should not sway this one.
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Posted by Samuracan 6 years ago
Fair enough but when people are spending money on that cheap fashion doesn't it make sense for schools to try to keep the uniform thing up and prevent them from doing all that cheap sweat shop stuff.
Posted by Comrade_Silly_Otter 6 years ago
Uniforms might be a thing in the future, but in the time of Cheap " Fashion " made in Sweat shops that will be very hard to do.
Posted by Jonbonbon 6 years ago
Does your school require you to wear uniforms?
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