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Should students with severe anxiety be allowed to opt out from presenting?

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Started: 4/27/2018 Category: Society
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What constitutes severe anxiety? How would they prove to have severe anxiety? Well, I propose that students express their concerns freely to teachers, and schools always having the best interest of students in mind. They should be helped through this issues and feel comfortable being open. This means schools can check up on a student's mental health progress, ensuring they are going to therapy, and showing improvement. But before this process, if there is a presentation in class, my position is that they should be allowed to opt out of it if they wish. This doesn't mean the teacher shouldn't attempt to help them through it, or to discover if they are just really nervous vs have severe anxiety. They should be given another assignment to replace the presentation as well. No rules, other than don't be a douche.


Based on the question, I think I am being asked if they should have a choice whether or not to present or not. My opinion is if they opt out every time, when will they ever learn to present? I agree that they should have therapy, and that may or not help, but schoolwork is schoolwork, and letting kids with severe anxiety not present is the same as letting kids who have a mental issue skip homework. School is a place to prepare you for life, and sometimes, life is not fair. I think that kids (even those with anxiety) should do this now, and not have to suffer later.
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