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Should teachers be allowed to carry concealed weapons in school

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Started: 12/8/2017 Category: Education
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I believe teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons in school because it can lower the risk of casualties of school shootings and can make students and staff feel safer. Yes teachers would need to go through a background check and a fire arm training class before hand, as well as a test for mental stability. In the long run it would help save students lives around the world.


I don't believe teachers should not carry concealed weapons (I'm assuming you're talking about guns as you said teachers would need to go through fire arm training class) because not everyone has the nerve and skill to shoot accurately even with a training class. How many years do the police spend training for shooting guns? Certainly not a short class. Guns may also be used in inappropriate circumstances if the teacher isn't fully stable as even with mental checks not all murderers have a previous record. If a student got their hands on a weapon the results could be disastrous the shootings at Columbine High School in April 1999 and Virginia Tech University in April 2007 were both caused by armed students shooting other students. With easier access to these weapons due to staff carrying them these cases could go up. Guns may also go off accidentally as it already happened in 2014
With guns, students may not trust the teachers as much as they are dangerous. I, as a student certainly wouldn't trust a teacher with a gun and I'm sure other students would agree.
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Posted by Wyatt.dots 2 years ago
The presence of guns alone, and trying to stop schools from being soft targets will lower the school shooting rate. School shooters know that schools will have no direct defense except to run and hide. Schools are now trying to implement a fight back policy to where kids barricade doors and throw what they can or use what they can to defend themselves if they can't run. If there is only one teacher per hallway that is willing to carry a gun and use it if need be, than every hallway will have resistance when the time comes.
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