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Should teachers be given guns in order to stop mass shootings?

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Started: 2/15/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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On the 14th of February in 2018, there was a mass shooting at a high school in Florida. Even though there were security guards located in the school before the shooting happened, at least 17 teens died in the shooting. This, obviously, isn't the first time this has happened. Just ask the people who were in Columbine in 99'. Police can take as long as 5 minutes to respond to a mass shooter. That is long enough for the shooter to kill too many people. I believe that teachers should be given armed weapons an should be trained to use them. This will help bring a quick end to a mass shooter situation. If teachers were given armed weapons, we could have as little as 1 casualty (that casualty being the shooter). While that wouldn't always be the case all the time, there would be fewer casualties and fewer parents suffering. In a perfect world, no parent or person would have to suffer, but to our dismay, the world isn't perfect.

With this said, I don't believe in the idea of regulating guns. The reason for this is that not only would it be hard in this divided political climate, but that it would be hard to implement the restriction of gun sales because of the 2nd amendment. We cannot simply just rewrite our constitution to say that "guns can be regulated". Another problem that would arise if we did regulate sales of weapons is that it could create an illegal market that could allow cartels to smuggle illegal weapons into the US. It would end up like what happened when the US regulated marijuana. It created an illegal market, and while the US did try to prevent the sale of marijuana, it only created more profit for the drug cartels. The same could happen with the restriction of gun sales.

Instead of trying to regulate gun sales, we should work with the current laws we have already to minimize the effects of a mass shooting. Giving teachers guns and training them to use the guns properly is one of the best ways to, if not prevent mass shootings, prevent innocent people from dying. At the end of the day, its not the gun that does the damage. It is the person holding the gun that does the damage. And if we can stop that person quickly, we can lower any potential harm done to students and innocent bystanders.


I accept your challenge

Why should we give them guns? when you were a kid and you see someone carrying a gun, especially a person you trust, would you be scared? As kids, we don't like seeing people dying, so if we see a dead bird, we say "why did someone kill something this cute?" When a kid sees their teacher kill someone, another human being, they would lose a lot of respect for them and would remember that forever.
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Posted by AIRhino 2 years ago
@Nd2400 Teachers should carry tazers too.
Posted by AIRhino 2 years ago
@Debater181 The kid losing respect for his teacher is better than that kid losing his life.
Posted by Zombieguy835 3 years ago
Giving a gun to a teacher sounds like a bad idea...
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
So how would a 60 year old teacher deal with a bigger teenage? Or how would a small teacher do with a bigger guy? You don't think teachers can't make a mistake and leave a gun somewhere by accident? You are asking for more trouble than it worth. If you want a security team with licences and actually train with a gun that might be a different debate.
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
No again you are wrong....
Posted by anna0206 3 years ago
Yes yes and yes. Yes they should. Can you even imagine how quick that would have been over with if a teacher had a gun?
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
Won't really work. nice idea. But it would not stop this from happening. Plus giving a teacher a gun mean more responsible for them.They could leave this gun or have a student take them down and take the gun away from them. Giving a 60 years old teacher a gun? or a small woman a gun? Probably wouldn't work out that good.
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