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Should teachers be paid more?

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Started: 1/30/2018 Category: Education
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Should teachers get paid more??? YES. Teachers today are not getting paid as much as they should. The median salary for a teacher is $58,030. That is not very good. Teachers deserve to get paid as much as athletes. They are a necessity while athletes are not. To raise that median salary to around $89,000 will help teachers do a lot better and possibly improve their classroom more to enhance a student's learning experience. I hope you will agree with me and you will give your honest opinion.


Teachers should not get paid more than they currently do.

Considering teachers effectively work 9/12 months within a year, 58,030, and while a quick search for the national average in America is 56,383, that's still a great paycheck.

I'll be rounding the number down to 56,000 for this to be a little easier. Teachers make approximately 6,222 dollars a month. Multiply that by three and you get approximately 18,666 dollars. Add that to the 56,000 and you get 71,666 dollars. That's the approximately the amount of money they would make if they were to work for the entire year which. That's more than what a registered nurse makes at 68,450 dollars a year.

Initially, I thought the same as you, when I realized that teachers don't have to work a full year, unlike most occupations the numbers made sense.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, teachers may not work year round, but remember that not all of them get paid even that median salary. The teachers in the county I live in get paid about $48,000. That is not enough to make a good living. Teachers need to be paid more so they can help improve their classroom and can have a little better of a life. Being a teacher can be a very stressful job, but with having a little bit more to go home to at night will help every teacher in the world feel better.


I understand that not everyone gets paid the median salary, and that doesn't negate the fact that they don't work year round.

I'm a firm proponent of getting paid for the amount of work you do. Now, how come when it comes to teaching we decide that there needs to be an exception. For me, it doesn't. When your job entails getting a three-month vacation. Many argue that teachers aren't paid enough but that simply isn't the case. If you calculate hourly wages, many teachers make $25+ an hour. That is not underpaid by any circumstance.

Shouldn't the question be "Do teacher's work enough?" If you arbitrarily raise the salary of a teacher, wouldn't you have to raise the salary of everyone else as well?

If we want teachers to make more money, we should advocate for longer school years, allowing them to make more money doing their job, instead of making more money for the same amount of work they are already doing.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all, not all teachers get paid that $25 an hour. Please remember when I made the argument that being a teacher is a stressful job and it is. Though they do not work year round like everyone else, they do deserve to get paid a little bit more because once again, being a teacher is a stressful job. Though I said a big raise at first, it doesn't have to be that bad, but they deserve to get pad more than they do now. Also,in your argument, you stated if you work year round, you might get paid more. I agree with that and that you earn by how much you work. What I do not agree with, though is that there should be year long school years. Students need that time off so they can take a break from school and not be stressed. Teachers need that break too.


I understand that not all teachers get paid that much, but if you raise the base salary, everyone else gets raised too.

Other jobs are stressful as well, a Certified Nursing Assistant is a stressful job, they work longer days, work harder, and have emotional ties to the people they care for. The job is physically exhausting and mentally. Why do we not advocate for them getting a pay raise when they make on average $26,590 a year?

I understand that teaching is a stressful job, but that doesn't necessitate a larger salary. I understand students needing a break, which is why we have them, but teachers? I don't think so. There are many other stressful jobs like the ones I just mentioned, and they work year round.

Teaching makes a lot of money for the amount of work they do, we should not just arbitrarily raise the amount of money they get paid just because it's a stressful job. They don't work as much and therefore should not get paid as much.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by yyhoo 3 years ago
Teachers should not be paid more. Maybe elementary school teachers, but middle school teachers literally just teach the same thing over and over again. And maybe it's just me, but teachers are absolutely no use to me. The classes are SOOO easy. I learned everything I could from books.
Posted by hellopuppy4 3 years ago
i think teachers should be paid more because teachers do sooooo much for us
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
Comparing Teachers to athletes is not the right way to go. Yes teachers are underpaid, and yes some athletes are over paid. But here the thing, people paid to see these athletes. Athletes sell not just them self but they sell the product there are wearing, or selling stuff to the general public. This is why they get paid so much....They sell the sport and other things...
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