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Should teachers teach about non-straight sex

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Started: 2/15/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that, teachers should teach about non-straight sex because of safety, self image and respect.

Firstly let's go into safety. I've heard lots of stories about people getting injured and STDs from unsafe straight sex. In non-straight sex there are a lot more to worry about, so people have to deal with these problems more often. Also in non-straight sex there are more misconceptions because people don't have figures clearing these things up.

Secondly is self-image. Lots of young LGBT people that I've talked to, have problems with their self-image and accepting themselves. All of that is heightened when they don"t know what to do, when they want to explore their body's or have non-straight intercourse.

Lastly respect. We can't get rid of disrespect but we can move it form sexuality. I say this with proof from myself. I used to have homophobic tendencies and when I wanted to insult somebody that's what I would go to. Homophobia comes from two places mainly, religion and not understanding; so we can help one of them at least.


I Object!

Voters should note that my opponent has not given gravity to which age groups teachers should be teaching Non-straight sex, or much simply, sex education.
In the light of the argument, I have no option but to assume that the debate is based on Middle-High School, as there are only professors in colleges.


In schools, the age group varies , in this case , from 12-17. This is the definite period of adolescence where the child learns new things about his body and other things around him/her. If Teachers jump directly to sex education, and that too an intricate and complex topic like Gay Sex, a lot of information would go misunderstood, or not understood at all. In the begging, teachers should be free to teach about sexual reproduction, which they already teach, but jumping to homosexuality, will be rather stupid.

Homosexuality is a sexual attraction to one's own sex. It is not a gender, but it is a sexual preference. In schools or at comparatively lower ages, children are unable to identify their sexual preference. Usually 1 in every 12-14 children turn out to be gay. That being said, even if they do, it is unfair for the teachers to give importance to Gay Sex rather than Straight Sex altogether.

That will be it for now.
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