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Should teen girls be allowed to have sex and get birth control?

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Started: 2/16/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Pro may make the first move.


On the subject of teens being "allowed" sex, this isn't a harmful act against them and that can't really be stopped. You could make it taboo and criminalize but their is alot of instinct driving this action, and sex isn't going anywhere. Criminalizng it seems to be the poor opposition that would be extremely negative for everyone. It would force these sexual encounters to happen in a more unsafe environment away from their respective households. In addition teen includes someone like myself (nineteen) who is fully prepared and an adult.

On the subject of birth control, perhaps the most telling sign of its necessity are objective studies within our government meant to show the reults and if they should be more widely available.
From the CDC:

"Both of these studies reiterate the importance of expanding access to birth control to all women of reproductive age.

Birth control has played an important role in the advancement of women in the workplace, allowing them to invest in their careers and plan for their futures. In fact, research shows the pill is responsible for a third of women's wage increases relative to men. That’s why the Affordable Care Act, which gives women affordable access to birth control with no additional co-pay, is so important. Birth control works; women just have to have access to it." [1]


Debate Round No. 1


My obections are this: Teens are children. Children do not have the right to act like adults. I think people should at least wait until they are 29 to have sex, because 19 is just a kid. This applies to boys too. Be responsible.


I find it a bit naive to say teens are children. Granted some teens may not be mentally mature enough to handle a relationship, but on the contrary most are fully prepared and it helps them as 70% have sex before age nineteen. Its extremely common in teens and for good reason. it's conditioning for a better future. Stakes are obviously much lower when at a younger age, one is less abusable in a relationship simply because most people have less wealth this early in life. This debate is about teen girls, and personally I think it is better for many girls to sleep around instead of falling hard for the first "bad boy" they meet.

"A large scale study from the University of Virginia examined 534 adolescent same-sex twin pairs over seven years. By examining twins, the researchers were able to control for race and socio-economic factors. The study found that those individuals who engaged in sex at a younger age tended to have lower levels of delinquency and better social relationships in early adulthood than their peers. The researchers hypothesize that romantic relationships (involving sexual intercourse) provide teens with a sense of intimacy that protects them from engaging in delinquent acts such as vandalism, stealing and selling drugs." [1]

In addition long-time research of teens from Harvard University concluded improved feelings of happiness, reduced stress, and reduced anger post-sex. While negative effects are possible, most(85%) have no negative psychological effects after the first sexual encounter. [2] If this does occur it's important for the teen to be able to talk through these feelings as opposed to punishment, and if negative feelins persist to then seek a professional.

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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Mikedeking17 3 years ago
i feel like 19 is good but 29 is just too high for a bar to raise. The reason why society accept 19 as "adult" is because of "puberty" and so forth but 29 just take a loonngg time to get to.
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