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Should the Confederate Flag be banned?

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Started: 11/13/2017 Category: Politics
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It should be banned, but if you say it shouldn't someone please do something about heritage.


The Confederate flag should not be banned, as that would be a clear violation of the first amendment. Banning the flag would set a dangerous precedent that a government could use its power to shut down a dissenting opinion. Although I find the beliefs usually held in those who fly the flag to be abhorrent and awful, I support their right to fly it, as creating a justification for an illegal action that's grounded in such subjective reasoning is a dangerous slippery slope.

Furthermore, violating the free speech rights of a group is an incredibly effective way to piss them off, and if it's a group like the neo-confederates, who have an oppression complex and a shitton of guns, well congratulations, you've just created the Great American Powderkeg.
Debate Round No. 1


The Confederate Flag should be banned from public spaces because of its symbolic connection to slavery, adoption by hate groups and opposition to the Civil Rights movement of the 1950"s and 1960"s.


I already said i hate the values that go along with the flag, but banning it sets the dangerous precedent that it is okay to ban something based on the ideology behind it.
Debate Round No. 2


The Confederate flag"s defenders often claim it represents "heritage not hate." I agree"the heritage of white supremacy was not so much birthed by hate as by the impulse toward plunder. Dylann Roof plundered nine different bodies last night, plundered nine different families of an original member, plundered nine different communities of a singular member. An entire people are poorer for his action. The flag that Roof embraced, which many South Carolinians embrace, does not stand in opposition to this act"it endorses it. That the Confederate flag is the symbol of of white supremacists is evidenced by the very words of those who birthed it.


You still fail to refute my argument. Of course white supremacists and Dylann Roof are bad, I'm not arguing against that. I'm arguing that taking away a group's first amendment rights because of their political views sets a very, very dangerous precedent.

And if you think that banning the flag is going to magically stop all of the movements that associate themselves with the flag, you are sorely mistaken. It will only make them more angry, more hateful. they will lash out, and create a possibly irreparable national schism.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
First a flag falls under First Amendment to the United States Constitution as it hold no self-value. The Confederate flag, A.K.A Old Dixie is the flag flown by the original eleven states which succeeded form the State of the Union between basic principle and legal Precedent.

Though caring the burden of foreign Prisoners of War the South succession from the Union was over a States right to print its own money. Much like what is going on today as states with larger populations drive a plagiarized Dollar without Cite to security as a common impartial receipt to the general welfare.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con argued that banning the confederate flag would violate the first amendment and that this sets a dangerous precedent. Pro doesn't respond to the argument. As such, arguments go to Con.

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