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Should the Death Penalty be banned

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Started: 3/5/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The death penalty should be banned as killing people for committing crimes makes us just as bad as the. As well as that banning it produces an economic benefit as it costs more money to have a death penalty trial and execution than it does to keep prisoners in prison for over 70 years.


The death penalty is in fact a simple, painless way to rid the world of potential mass murders, suicide bombers and other kinds of terrorists. Instead you say 'No' but the real reason I believe is that you are in fact one of 'them'. A mass murder using your last few minutes on this earth to post a stupid argument on the beautiful website. I hope you enjoy your last meal before you feel the first of the 3 fatal injections that will rid you of life.

L8er M9,
Debate Round No. 1


Now Now "Reactive" i am not in fact this mad man on Death Row and i am just trying to get my point across that the death penalty is not morally right and doesnt have much going for it. In California 1978 they re instated the death penalty and since then only 13 people have been executed at an expense of $4 billion of tax payers money so GET REKT bro ur not my M8 and u have a 0% chance of winning this debate u minecraft goon


Name calling and sexual references will achieve NOTHING! So I ask you is it really $4 billion of U.S funds or is the majority of that really just the defendants lawyer and other advisers and the small judge fee? So no I put to you can you handle having a muti/mass murder with known health disabilities living next to you? It would be simple to get hold of a gun in the angel country USA? So GTFO BOY!
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by atheismism 3 years ago
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Posted by atheismism 3 years ago
personally i believe in the age old saying
"if u tuch me ill cut u cos im more important"

by this logic i think murderers should be tortured to death as they need to be hurt more severely than murder.

On the other had i like the pros name soooo...

it shud be binned cos drugs is illegal and they use drugs to kill baddies sooo.....

imo u shud both get real lives...


play CS:GO and watch pewdiepie 4 lyfe klub


kayleb has bad running
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Vote Placed by AlwaysRight12345 3 years ago
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Total points awarded:60 
Reasons for voting decision: Con did nothing but use ad hominem attacks. No arguments were made AT ALL. Pro used the reference of California in 1978.
Vote Placed by DomriRade4444 3 years ago
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Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Grammar- was terrible all around Conduct- Personal insults. Come on! Arguments- Con provided no evidence and attempted to discredit pros only claim with a personal insult. Sources- None listed