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Should the Education system change so more students with Special Needs can attend to Regular ED

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Started: 1/18/2014 Category: Education
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Many Students who have special needs potential and the lack of abilities to learn in School are suffering from the disabilities they had since birth or possibly developed at a certain age and time. Kids who are gaining troubles completing work or sadly failing due to there "learning disorder" are normally assign to some type of accommodation plan to get the help they require. I'm referring to something called an individualized education program, (iep) for short. An iep is a written statement for students with disabilities that affect their learning. ieps are devolved by parents of the child who needs it and the staff to figure out the child's goals, learning strategy, and the environment that the child needs. Every Special Need student has different ieps since they all have different goals to overcome their learning problems. Some children has something called the 504 plan "Which is a plan developed to ensure that a child who has a disability identified under the law and is attending an elementary or secondary educational institution receives accommodations that will ensure their academic success and access to the learning environment." The iep plan is only updated at least every once a year.

Some children with ieps can still attend to regular ed. However, depending on the child and the statement written on the iep plan, some will get rejected and not accepted to any mainstream classes. Which means regular ED. Instead, those students would attend to a very different learning environment that is unlikely regular ed. There are different types of programs for students with Special needs such as Special Education Programs and Collaborative Schools with a smaller amount of students than regular Ed classes. Some Special education are location in regular school buildings but not part of regular education, instead during the academic periods they will go to Special education classes but during other events Special Ed students will get to participate with the Main Stream students with an AID who is part of the program due to school policy.

Special ED students will participate in the following order.

-Physical ED
-Field Trips
-Other Current Events

Now on to the point of the Question...
I don't how the education system works where you live but to be honest something has to change. Where I'm in, the state pays somewhere around 30,000 dollars on Special ED kids unlike Regular ED kids they receive 10,000 dollars or something around that. That is around 20,000 dollars more being spent. Yet kids who have problems dealing with the environment there in are depressed because there not getting equal rights, they don't enjoy having the Special Need label since there are different levels of special needs but it's the same label, but who knows. Don't think some kids are in programs like these because there depressed or can't pay attention... it's the other way around... kids are depressed and can;t pay attention because there thinking about the class they are in and how "special the are". Which means it will give them more troubles having a better chance for a good future. Every time teachers see that happening they don't take them out and put them back into mainstream. NO, they decide to keep them in the special ed class longer which pretty much makes it worst and a MUCH less change of having a good future at adult hood, and like I said the state are paying way more tax on the Special Education Children than the Mainstream.

Yes.... Yes... I know there is a difference between something you want and something you need. Still, Face it... children who are going through these problems will never learn. Maybe some will deal with it... but those who will never be convinced of the gift there getting to suit their needs will like I said... make everything worst even though the kids are bringing those concerns on themselves but the teachers should know better, so why keep trying? Especially while there are maybe millions of other options the Education System could try to make it both ways. For an example: The student is satisfied of the class there in, and still getting good grades. So the question is how? What can we do to enhance the education system so more kids with more needs can attend to mainstream classes? Think about how well the concerned children in special ed would do well in a complete regular ed environment and maybe still use an iep or 504s to survive. In fact why not give regular Kids accommodations as well? Especially for yearly testing and the state can spend less funding since more students can attend to the regular ed system. Maybe regular teachers can learn how to handle kids with learning disabilities just like the staff in special ed. Wouldn't that be nice? I know there a different levels of special need children and some may still need to be in a more smaller class or collaborative environment but that should be a different subject. Feel free to put your opinions below. those of you who thinks I'm ignorant and you know so much better about the system than I do then I want to see what is your idea to change the education system. I mean if you know so much then you must have a great plan. Anyways, happy posting!


I kindly accept your challenge. Please note that I am not trying to be mean. I actually have special eddies at my school.
Debate Round No. 1


If you chose con then mark down your defense. Why are you against my statements? Why do you have againts the words saying that teachers should be trained to handle children with learning disabilities the same way special ed teachers trained so more children can be in the mainstream class?


First off, Special eddies not having a same education as regular education is a consequence, not a choice. There are issues with this situation:

Issue I:

Lack of resource

Supporting details:

Another large issue is the lack of resources enabling individuals with special needs to receive an education in the developing world. As a consequence, 98 percent of children with special needs in developing countries do not have access to education.

I just hope this will help your question mate.

Issue II:

"Physical ED
-Field Trips
-Other Current Events"

In some schools, that depends. As known as, every special needs child does eat lunch with others or will be in their rooms. However, special needs children will have a chance to go on field trips, either with the kids or in a separate bus. However, things like music, art, Pyhcial ED, workshops, and other current events are optional. The teacher has the right to make that decision if that is allowed.

P.S. I'm from the UK (but I live in the US).

Debate Round No. 2


Then I don't see why would you go CON on this debate? It seems like you agree, I think Special Need children should have rights to be in regular education and still get a little help on the side. I don't see what you disagree with? It sounds to me like your on my side. :)


Sorry. I accidentally accepted
Debate Round No. 3


So you agree with this debate... no?


I partially agree with you.
Debate Round No. 4


Great you see it my way. :) Any ideas of how the Education System should change so more students can attend to mainstream classes. It would be great to donate your time. I would love to hear your ideas in case they may be helpful.


Well, special education students go to science because it's the easiest subject. Math and reading will be hard for them, considering that they are major subjects to pass to be in honors clsss.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by PeriodicPatriot 6 years ago

I Will
Posted by STALIN 6 years ago
Periodic. Maybe you could unblock me now that we friends again?
Posted by Sean.Katebi 6 years ago
AH so what is the point of having a special ed program if they are going to be in a public school anyways. Special ed is not helping children change at all. There just trying to help them get there education just to get it over with. There not really trying to cure or learn how to control their own self issues. You shouldn't be debating against me. It sounds a lot to me that you agree. Tell me themohawkninja, what is the point of allowing special ed to exist? I mean, students were pulled out because they were being disruptive right? Yet they were put in special ed but apparently there are still be disruptive. Seems like to your point of view all special ed did in your school was pulling all the annoying kids out of their classrooms and putting them all into the one same room making it more disruptive am I right? If you don't understand what I'm saying then you shouldn't debate against more or with me.
Posted by themohawkninja 6 years ago
I'd debate against you, since my high school had special ed students right next to regular ones, and most people hated it, but I doubt there is much objective/empirical evidence against it. All I can really say is that they were loud, they screamed, they always tried to socialize with you, and there wasn't much you could really do about it. In general, they were just a complete distraction to the learning environment, and as such, shouldn't be a part of it.
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