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Should the Harry Potter Franchise be made into a Broadway Musical?

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Started: 12/11/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Harry Potter has been so successful over the years. Starting from just a book series it stepped up as a movie franchise was made. Harry Potter should have an opportunity to step up again as a new Broadway Musical should be made. Just think about how Harry Potter can step up to glory once more!


Harry Potter truly has made its mark. The book series was pretty fantastic, with over 400 million copies sold. Although the movies were also good, they weren't as good as the books. The movies, as per any movie based off of books left some pretty juicy stuff out due to the limited time. Now, bringing back good old memories of both the book and movie series and turning it into a Broadway musical would be very risky. The whole franchise does not have to do with music and clashing both wizardry and music just doesn't sound right. The past should be left in the past as the franchise lives on in our hearts.
Debate Round No. 1


Before i address my second argument, i would like to rebuttal my opponents argument.

My opponent's point of view is that Harry Potter should remain in the past and that it should be remained as nothingore than a memory, which is barbaric! Our world is constantly developing, things change, and improve day by day. A good example is the 1995 movie "Jumanji". This movie has recently been made to match the 21st century, and is coming out next year. So, it is reasonable that my opponent should re-state their opinions and ideas on their argument on leaving what's good in the past forever. (And also a combustion of magic and music would be absolutely hectic!)

Now, i think that what's important is that it is imagined of what creations and amazing ideas Broadway can come up with if Harry Potter would be given into their hands. Just think about what we could see happen on stage. The Props, the dancing, the singing, the acting all combusted into the magical theme of Harry Potter! You can also imagine what Broadway can create when it comes to magic! Broadway will have the money and minds to do amazing things to make this experience amazing for the audience! Harry Potter as a Broadway Musical will be a totally amazing and new thing to experience for fans and audiences, as visuals, images and creations never imagined in the history of Harry Potter can come to life on stage, bringing Harry Potter back again as a totally new and magnificent, spectacular thing!
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