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Should the Orca whale shows continue in Seaworld?

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Started: 2/3/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Let"s say you're an orca whale. You have lived your entire life performing in front of a bunch of annoying children who scream every time there"s a splash. You can"t take any longer and you don"t do what your told, and then". BOOM! You snap, you go to your extreme. You can"t continue your life in captivity performing for these annoying kids.
I think that the shows shouldn"t go on. I mean if you were a whale trained from birth without any breaks until death. You're a whale spending all your life in a space WAY smaller than you're used to. To us the "giant" pool that we see them use in the shows seem perfectly fine for that whale but it"s really like this; Your house to a cabinet. You would be unhappy living in a cabinet, right? I bet you would much rather be in your house. Well the whales are unhappy living in that "giant" pool.
After all the "killer whale attacks" you would think that they would end the program all together. But let"s rewind a little"" the best known orca whale attack took place in Orlando"s Seaworld on February 25, 2010. When Tilikum dragged a veterinarian trainor into that water and drowned her. If YOU were living in a cabinet and everyday comes a person that tampers with you and feeds you a single noodle. I would go bananas too.


Honestly, Orca whales are amazing creatures and many people go to sea world just to see them, i see where you are coming from but i think that we can still study them from their behaviors and their actions during shows. also we get to see a special bond between human and beast
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