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Should the School Day Be longer?

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Started: 1/29/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Some Experts Say Yes. Are they right?


I agree to arguing with you as long as you stay civil.

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Posted by 2beornot2be 3 years ago
No school shouldn"t be longer
Jose M

School being longer would be boring. Its boring with the time we already have. School being longer would make us more tired and get worse grades. I disagree with with school being longer because we won't have time to volunteer for a charity, we might feel overscheduled, And kids will start to get more angry.

If we lasted from day to dusk would we have the time to practice our trumpet lesson or volunteer at a animal shelter? I think we wouldn"t because we would not have time to do anything after school. We would just get home and go to sleep every day. Also,students would not get enough time to sleep or take a quick break.

If school was longer students will feel overscheduled. If students complain with the time at school they have now, how will they feel if school was longer. If we are in school for to long we will start to give up and not try. Then our grades will go down and we won"t do good.

If we get school longer we will get angry. Students will have no time to do other stuff. We will get home with a bad mood. If students get stressed with school imagine if it got longer. I think students will get way more angry at teachers and not want to do other stuff in class.

In conclusion,I think that school should not be longer. Students will feel overschedule,bored, and not have time to do other things. I think school should stay the same.
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