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Should the U.S be involved with foreign conflicts

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Started: 5/17/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think that the U.S should be involved with foreign conflicts, we have seen in the past that if we do not provoke first and have the first move then others will not hesitate to attack. I am referring to Pearl Harbor mostly. What about allies if we help other countries then maybe if we need it we can get assistance back from them in our own time of need. WWII was a bloody war, but if we never joined then maybe it could have lasted longer and been even more bloody than it was.


In most cases, you're right. We should be involved in foreign conflicts MORE than we already are. That doesn't mean we should get involved in every single one that starts. That would not be good for our status or what we are known for. I do agree with you on a personal level, but on a government level, I disagree with you entirely. Our economy is already busy fighting OURSELVES because we can't ever fully unite and become one. We will always disagree. We will always fight each other. Will won't prevail from this. Before we can get involved in any more foreign conflicts, we have to solve our own first.
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As for your argument on the government level, I do agree as well and you make a very valid argument we are in very much trouble while fighting ourselves. I think however if maybe we had allies that they could help us since we almost always assist them. In America we think of ourselves as good people, but in other places (I lived in Malaysia) they think that we are cowards which was very much a shock to me since we usually are a major power in wars. I also very much agree that we cannot fully unite, I wish we could and we could accomplish so much if we weren't so wrapped up in our own beliefs. I think that uniting on small things like foreign conflicts is a smart idea we could benefit from small foreign conflicts however. Good Argument!
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