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Should the USA be considered a "Christian" nation?

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Started: 3/22/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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America is supposed to be a free nation; a safe-haven for people to believe in any religion. Now, people are trying to turn this nation into a "Christian" nation, but not everyone here is Christian. Some people are convinced that the only "true" religion is Christianity, but they're wrong; there is no "true" religion. We are all entitled to our own opinions. COEXIST (it's not as fancy/decorative as the bumper sticker ... but it's close enough).


The question is should America be considered a Christian Country. The reason that it should not become worthy to be a Christian country, that has been presented, is the argument that to be free, a person should not recognize objective truth. This means that all objective truth should be denied so that we can pretend to be free instead of acknowledging that sin is the ultimate form of ignorance of the truth.

All countries should become Christian, because Jesus Christ is God. He was crucified to free mankind from the slavery of sin. He established a church in which to accomplish, with man,the impossible. What is impossible for man, is to find salvation and enter paradise without God's assistance. The Catholic Church is God's continued life among us and His direct means of assisting us to become holy and become worthy of eternal life with Him.

Jesus Christ's followers have worked tens of thousands of miracles through their mediation with God. The proof of these miraculous events are still around and still unexplainable by science. These types of miracles (first degree miracles) are not performed by anyone outside of the Catholic people.

Just consider the miraculous shrines worldwide and all their miraculous cures and healings. Why don't atheists, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists or protestants perform first degree miracles as do the followers of Christ in the one true church. Even Mohammed only performed second degree miracles, like moving a mountain. Any angel or preternatural being (demon) can move a mountain. We also move mountains but one shovel at a time. IF we can find a way to accomplish anything miraculous it cannot be a first degree miracle from God.

At this moment in time, America could not be considered worthy to be a Christian Country. This is because of its attempt to free mankind from God entirely. America and Americans by believing and promoting acts of licentiousness as freedom decrease and deride the dignity of all mankind.

The Greeks defined freedom as obedience to the truth. There is both objective truths and there is God who is the prime objective truth. Jesus Christ who is God revealed to us intimate details of the inner life of God by informing us of the existence of The Blessed Trinity.

We can come to know God's existence by the proper use of our own intellect without the need for faith. This knowledge based on the laws of the universe like inertia and the first laws of motion. Wherever there is a motion there is something outside of that which is in motion which caused the motion. "Prime Cause," as defined by St. Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theologica proves that God exists.

Jesus is another issue. Is Jesus Christ who He claimed to be. The answer to that is the current test that all mankind is going to be judged by God for passing or failing. He claimed to be God and for that He was declared by the Jews a Blasphemer and crucified, which was the normal punishment for Blasphemy. So He was either a liar and blasphemer or He was telling the truth and we killed God. He then resurrected as He said He would and His Church has produced the greatest holy people of all time. The Churches influence and teaching has moulded the good that is still in the world today.

We have last names because the church ordered it to keep track of marriage. Our calendar was from the Church also. So to from the church came orphanages, hospitals for the poor, higher education for the average man all influenced by the Catholic church along with most things that we take for granted but depend on daily and which espouses to give mankind its sense of dignity.

America today is not worthy of any such title as Christian Country. Most of the countries worldwide that once were worthy should have the title removed as mankind falls deeper into its demented state of demonic service. There is no freedom from morality. Society does not determine morality but the purpose of God does. What we do is either moral or immoral based on the teachings of God's church. If you truly believe in freedom you should look to where the future of your brand of freedom leads, eternal slavery.

I hope and pray that someday the people of many countries worldwide including America come to their senses and work to become worthy to have their nation entitled "A Christian Country."

I apologize for not taking the time to do this argument justice, but am only able to give this debate a few minutes of my time so I choose to write this in the last fifteen minutes, just off the top of my head.
Debate Round No. 1


stormhawk42 forfeited this round.


The USA no different then many other nations historically, when they came into power, chose the path of Imperial dictator. They began to promote their own agenda, worldwide. Over time and after tossing out their moral compass, their agenda was modified into what it has become today. There are agencies working for the US government that are involved in drug dealing, the selling and distribution of weapons to groups that are no different then terrorists themselves. They subvert and diminish the cause of God and of international peace intentionally, to promote by force, finance, and threat the new agenda which is to free the world from the clutches of God. They do this all in the name of freedom and peace. They do this while holding up a flag and with a big governmental smile state that this is the American dream.

They then proceed to force third world countries to pass laws allowing divorce, abortion and birth control, even though it is against their culture and national ideals and convictions. This is done to lessen the population of the world because they have bought into the false idea that the world will go on and on. They live in fear that the population if not controlled will destroy the future.

What they do not take into consideration is the fact that, right in front of their eyes the world as we know it is being prepared to be ended. The world will not go on for all that long into the future. I for one hope the end is in sight. This is because the world as it is today is not worthy of existence.

The bible said that the reason that many people become sinful and adopt unruly passions is because God is punishing them for worshipping false Gods. How long ago did American begin to worship the false God's of Capitalism, Socialism, Freedom found in licentious behavior, money, power and fame. God can punish by war and sufferings but when He is really annoyed He punishes by removing from mankind any resemblance of the Good God. In a sense He unmakes us from an image of Him into an image of Satan. People today lack only the tail and horns.

The average North American has a base of knowledge filled with lies and false ideas of history, science and religion. All the lies that they have been taught suit the purpose of our leaders and their decadent and immoral agenda. If they wanted to win the war on drugs and crime it is not that difficult. You just need to shave off a few rights of a citizen and meet crime at the level of criminals. They are already doing that in dealing with people who oppose their agenda. Arrest without charge, detention without legal council etc.

Your giving up your rights as it is. The government is now forcing obedience against the will of some of their citizens or punishing people who desire and or decide to obey their conscience. This right of conscience is the first right guaranteed in your constitution and now thrown out whenever a far lesser right is in question. If you just looked clearly at the difference in the people of today from the people of 40 years ago, you would see that the difference is as profound as day and night.

People do not care for their neighbour, crime is at an all time high and violence has become an everyday experience. Immoral behaviour has become the norm. These are not the bi-product of peace or freedom but of the reasonable manifestation of a nation following the wide and easy path to Hell. I heard that your President is intending to run for a third term, which is against your constitution, but everyone there seems to be too afraid to ask him to submit to any type of constitutional requirement or restraint.

England went down this same road and you should be viewing what is happening to your country in contrast to what England did when they had power. They raped, murdered, enslaved, and supplied more drugs to China from India then all the drug dealers on earth today. They fought wars to protect and ensure their drug trade. America is doing this over oil. Over control, over power over what they may think is survival but it has always lead to national self-destruct in every nation that has run down this road. America is following in the footsteps of that English insanity and Americans hide behind their TVs and bury their heads in the flag rather then admit that reality is starring them right in the face. America morally is not good and it is definitely not a nation under God but a nation in direct opposition to God. Wake up and smell the coffee before it is processed into drugs. Forty years ago there was an American dream now there is only an American Nightmare.

It is my opinion that, there are not enough descent people left in the USA, and certainly not enough honest courage and honour in the few good God fearing people remaining, to ever lead your nation back onto the road of recovery, from the perilous fall ahead, after having thrown themselves headlong into promoting a worldwide defiance of God. Concluding, that they shall never re-direct your national spirit, to a state of honour, worthy to be titled a Christian Country.
Debate Round No. 2


stormhawk42 forfeited this round.


MysticMansion forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sagey 7 years ago
So you were right in that it is a symbolic metaphor for converting the Druids, but, as I have stated, being a good Con Artist and having a Charismatic ability to suck naive people into Catholicism is nothing near a miracle.
You might as well as Canonize Ken Ham for converting a lot of naive Old Earth Creationists into Young Earth Creationism.
Both Ken and St Patric are and were respectively, essentially Con Artists.
Posted by Sagey 7 years ago
Finally: on No Snake Fossils ever Found In Ireland.
"The story regarding the serpents being driven out of Ireland may be more symbolic than factual. Scientists are fairly certain that there were no snakes present in post glacial Ireland and the "serpents" referred to may actually be a reference to heathen druids who were banished by St. Patrick. However, we do get asked by dinosaur fans, why when there are lots of dinosaur fossils in England, there are virtually none in Ireland."
Posted by Sagey 7 years ago
Also: "Many have explained the legend about St. Patrick and the snakes as a metaphor for his success in converting the pagan Celts to Christianity. Snake imagery has been important in many ancient religions, often as a symbol of rejuvenation or rebirth due to the snake's habit of shedding its skin. In Ireland, the snake symbol was associated with some Celtic goddesses, and also with the cult of Crom Cruaich, which demanded human sacrifice to a serpent deity. Patrick did not drive snakes themselves out of Ireland, but rather these Celtic snake spirits. How did the Irish Celts come up with symbolic snakes if they'd never seen real ones? First of all, their ancestors, and their religion, had come from the European mainland where snakes were plentiful, and second, they were in frequent contact with areas that had snakes, most obviously Britain, where the adder was capable of memorable bites. It's not surprising that such enigmatic creatures would be preserved in mythology even if they weren't present physically. "
Posted by Sagey 7 years ago
On the Lack of Evidence for Snakes in Ireland from National Geographic, which is a highly regarded scientific tabloid.
Posted by Sagey 7 years ago
Converting or driving out Druids is not a Miracle.
Not a single Saint ever performed any properly verified Miracles as I have stated before.
Metaphorical Miracles are not Real Miracles,
They are Subjective Myths.
Thus all the Catholic Saints are Canonized by Mythical Fairy-Tales and False Miracles.
There is nothing truly Holy about Catholicism.

The founding fathers wanted the USA to be a Secular Nation.
That was obvious by the writings of Jefferson, Paine and Adams.
Posted by Sagey 7 years ago
There have never been any snakes in Ireland, they never existed there, there is no a single remain of a snake (fossil) ever found.
Sea snakes are the nearest thing to a snake ever seen in Ireland, druid temples did not contain any snake remains.
There never were any snakes in Ireland to drive out.
Posted by dawndawndawndawn 7 years ago
50,000,000 more mouths to feed, huge piles of garbage produced, animals died to feed, over crowded schools, mowed-flat forests, filthier water.

Any one who thinks that over population is a good idea is VERY bad at Math
Posted by MysticMansion 7 years ago
Saint Patrick who was from Scotland, was kidnapped and taken into slavery by raiders from Ireland. Seven years later he escaped and as promised to Our Blessed Mother went to study to become a priest.
After his consecration He was made a Bishop and sent back to Ireland because no other Catholic could speak the language.

Snakes were largely used in Ireland by the Druids as part of their worship and ritual in service to their demonic Gods. Snakes were brought from every part of the world that they could manage. Part of the miracle of the snakes being driven from Ireland has to do with his having defeated Druidism by teaching Christianity. The fact you know nothing concerning history I have dealt with in my last submission on USA and why it is unworthy to be titled a Christian Country.

By the way the title means that the individual country will protect the rights of Christians to practice their faith it is not about forcing anyone to be Christian. Even in this case the USA has no right to the title.
Posted by Sagey 7 years ago
Oh I 4got:
The Catholic Source:
Posted by Sagey 7 years ago
Fact Mystic: Not one of those miracles used to canonize any Saints of the Catholic Church were ever proved by science, they are all fraudulent miracles.

Not one of them was a truly proven miracle, they are only commonly believed to be true among believers, but never proven as miracles to any outside witnesses.
Essentially they are all from Confirmation Bias, Forer Effect and Fallacy of the Single Cause.
Essentially the miracles are products of Fallacies.

St. Patric for example had only the 3 miracles that cannot really be rationally considered as miracles, he apparently cured a boy or made him feel better when a woman prayed in his name: Hardly a miracle, personal anecdotes (sample size of 1 fallacies) are not evidence of anything: He converted some Pagans to Christianity, so he was a con artist, hardly a miracle.
Recorded as having cured some sick children/people, but nobody ever notices how many actually died in such cases, it is always polishing and displaying only the good in his record, ignoring the bad.
Also he was credited with driving the snakes out of Ireland, which never had any snakes.

Even on the Catholic website he is depicted shepherding Snakes (that never existed).

So the real truth is: All the miracles that canonized Catholic Saints are Fallacious.
Don't Insult Old Wives Tales.
Because: Old wives tails often have a more factual basis.

You are Sooooooo WRONG!
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