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Should the United States go after North Korea?

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Started: 7/4/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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First, I would like to express my gratitude to whomever accepts my challenge. I hope this debate will be well-founded, respectful and challenges both of us. Round 1 will be opening statements (as well as laying out ground rules in my case). Rounds 2 and 3 will be dedicated to arguments, counter-arguments and rebuttals, and finally round 4 will be for our closing statements. Once again, I thank you for joining the debate and good luck!

I am arguing in favor of American engagement in the effort to stop North Korea and their nuclear program. I believe we must stop the project from expanding and improving to a point that their nuclear missiles could be threats to the entire globe. However, I stress the importance of international cooperation and transparency. The United States must keep other countries such as South Korea, China, and Japan, well-informed on any plans to deal with North Korea, but if none are willing to engage alongside the United States, we must be prepared to deal with them alone before the North Korean missile program becomes a real threat to each and every one of us.


I accept your challenge as con, or against an American attack on North Korea.

First i would like to say that i live in Guam ( a very different time zone than most Americans), and my job keeps me very busy, so please do not think i left the debate if it takes me over 24 hours to post my round two argument. I promise to complete the debate, it just may take some time for me to post my arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


To begin, I'd like to give some background of North Korea's missile program. It has been in existence since the 1970's, with their first set of missiles being "the Scuds", which were tested in 1976. It has been 41 years now since this program, and this threat, has existed. Granted, these first Scuds were not overly effective, but they laid the foundation for today's missiles. In 1985, North Korea signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which is meant to curb the North Korean tendencies towards nuclear weapon use. However, in 2003, North Korea withdraws from this agreement, once again creating a huge threat to the world, but particularly to North Korea's geographical neighbors, South Korea, Japan, and China. In 2006, North Korea conducted successful nuclear tests, which causes the United Nations to impose sanctions. In 2007, North Korea again agrees to close down it's main nuclear reactor, but demands $400 million in aid. Obviously, North Korea did not follow the rules as in 2009, yet another test is conducted, and more sanctions are put on North Korea. These sanctions did not seem to phase North Korea, as they continued testing. As seen by the history of the program, the sanctions imposed on North Korea by the UN have not led to the closure of the program, and in fact ever since its beginning, North Korea has been lying about stopping and stealing money from other countries trying to resolve the issue peacefully.

Now, as North Korean tests are becoming more and more successful, and their most recent test has been reported to have the capability to reach Alaska, we must stop sitting back and trying to play this out with sanctions and "aid packages", because all this has done is created a more defiant, and a more financially rich North Korea as they play out the narrative of planning to stop the program, only to reopen and continue to develop the program. We must act as soon as possible to stop the nuclear program from becoming a proven threat to the entire world. It is obvious based on the past of the North Korean nuclear program that Kim Jong Un and the North Korean government that they are not going to stop development based on sanctions, and are willing to manipulate the world into believing that they will stop nuclear missile development and testing if the rest of the world will pay, only to continue testing.

The time for passive solutions and paying to try to "stop" the tests are over. We must be talking with other nations and try to create an active solution to the problem before the missiles are capable of reaching anywhere on the globe.


Whenever a war is debated we must consider two things

-What do we expect to loose?
-What do we expect to gain?

For my first argument i intend to prove that the United States has more to loose from a war with North Korea than too gain.

North Korea without any doubt is run by a mad dictator, and is a clear threat to regional stability. They have committed a vast list of crimes, and atrocities against their people, and nearly every American can agree that North Korea is the most evil country in the world, at this current point in time. But as unfortunate as it is, our current situation is still better than the results of a war with North Korea.

Former General, and current Secretary of Defense James Mattis, has stated a war with North Korea would be catastrophic, and "It would be a war that fundamentally we don't want," [1] [2] In these articles Mattis claims such a war would start with massive shelling of South Korea's capital city "Seoul", a city with 25 Million people. The economic loss inflicted on South Korea would no doubt result in billions of lost dollars for the US, due to our trade and economic ties with South Korea. He continues to state that the United States should seek a diplomatic solution through China, which could cripple North Korea, as North Korea is currently dependent on China for supplies, and other resources they can not generate on their own. Now personally given Mattis's experience and current position i am very inclined to believe him.

Now one could say, North Korea's nuclear weapons are without a doubt the greatest cause of concern for North Korea. But if there is anything the Cold War taught us it's...

1.) You can't invade a country that already has Nuclear Weapons
2.) The only way to take down a country with Nuclear Weapons is to attack their economy and trade.

I think one thing you may be forgetting here, is that North Korea already has Nuclear weapons. Granted they may not be able to fire an ICBM at us, but they could use these as "tactical nuclear weapons" and strike our forces as we invade. With this in mind it is clear one could argue how tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of American and South Korean soldiers could be killed from an invasion, simply from the Nuclear weapons alone.

Nuclear weapons aside what do you expect to happen when we entire North Korean cities. We are talking about a population of 25 Million people, who live in a country that

1.) Is practically brainwashed to hate the west
2.) Is incredibly patriotic and loyal to their country
3.) Has mandatory military service for all Men and Women.

Even though North Korean citizens are disarmed, we would face unbelievable resistance. And this is all not even mentioning the fact they have a massive military of 945,000 Active and 5.5 Million reserve personnel. [3]

We must continue to trust the MAD doctrine will work. After all, as crazy as Kim Jong UN is, I doubt he would risk his country facing nuclear annihilation just to fire a few Nukes at Alaska/Hawaii/Guam. There would be no point.

A war with North Korea would cost countless lives, and hurt us economically speaking. It would be the most violent war of our time. For now we must continue to have faith in diplomacy, Instead of playing with the lives of millions.

Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by canis 3 years ago
Should North Korea go after the United States ? Why 7 why not.
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