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Should the United States keep taking in refugees?

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Started: 11/30/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello, I would like to announce my intent to debate this question. Please respond "I accept" and we will start the debate in the second round.

Thank you, and good luck!


I accept.
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Posted by Tom-The-Hypocrit 2 years ago
America is made of refugees. But I think they should only ever take legal ones. In asutralia we get people coming on boats from indonesia. This is illegal and should be stopped. I assume the same thing happens with mexico and america.
Posted by GrimlyF 2 years ago
No the U.S. shouldn't take more refugees. The West should not have allowed the huge number of people to literally invade Western Europe. They should have been turned back to Syria or wherever they originated. America already has a poverty stricken underclass, why add to it?.
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