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Should the United States school system include the martial arts w. tourneys as a sport?

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Started: 1/8/2014 Category: Sports
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First round is for acceptance and a one paragraph long opening statement.

I believe that the martial arts are a very honorable group of sports, one that teaches self respect, self control, and respect for the opponent. Bringing the martial arts into our schools would teach children to respect their fellow students in a way that football baseball, and others just cannot represent.

I await my opponent to be's acceptance and opening.


I do believe pro in this argument but I like debating, so I will find reasons for con. Some martial arts like Tai Chi, incorporate some things that can be perceived as religion, and could prove controversial in public schools. Also some particularly aggressive kids could take in martial arts and use them with bullying. Tournaments could accidentally hurt kids and parents could sue the school making problems.
Debate Round No. 1


In my argument i will be talking about the bully aspect of this conflict. i will also answer to some possible cons to thin out my opponents argument/rebuttal. I Will also address the injury part that my opponent brought up

Contention 1
Bullies are a huge problem in the United States, by giving the bullies special training in the martial arts it only would increase the amount of physical violence in the school right? Wrong, in most martial arts schools, the main topic that they educate kids on is self control and respect for others. By putting bullies into a martial arts school run by the public schools they would learn to respect their fellow students and to control their own emotions.

Contention 2
What about the few that don't care about self respect and all that "jazz"? The few bullies that wouldn't respond to such learning wouldn't be a problem, the little guys could defend themselves and the big guys would stick up for them as they are all learning to respect each other.

Contention 3
While i cannot promise that injuries cannot happen, nor can i say that it isn't a problem, i can say, though, that in sports like tennis, baseball, and football, injury is a common thing and i do not think that argument is relevant as all sports have some risk.

I await my opponents responce.


I. I go to a Martial Arts school and I know that one of the principles is self-control. Lots of bullies would take martial arts as a way to look superior to other people.
II. If it was a school sport, not everybody would do Martial Arts, unless it was a requirement (I hope it wouldn't). If not everybody takes it then the little guys would get beat up by the bigger guys. You're probably thinking that if the little guys took Martial Arts then they could defend themselves, but the bully would probably know Martial Arts. It wasn't mandatory and the bullies wouldn't have to take it but Martial Arts is a sport that would appeal to the bullies because it's violent, and you hurt people.
III. You are right, I can not argue against this point.
Note: You did not respond to my religion arguement.
Debate Round No. 2


As I had no response earlier in the debate i was unable to answer to the religion argument. I will do so now.

While what my opponent says is true about religion, the school would have an obligation to either ban that certain fighting style, or to go head first into it by calling it education on ancient beliefs tied to the martial art. Because of this i do not believe my opponent can argue against this as schools have taught many controversial classes with the cover up of a cultural diversity class.

My opponent cannot fight this so therefor my case is made


You did not respond to my other arguments, therefore I win, everybody vote for me. He did not respond to my rebuttals, and they were perfectly alright. I am the winner.
Debate Round No. 3
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by Austin29 6 years ago
I think it should because kids can get a little time off from school and have fun and get severely injured but oh well I agree I aam pro and con but mostly con U guys decide its not up to me so argue about then I will chose my favorite
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