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Should the drinking age be lower to 21?

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Started: 3/21/2017 Category: Politics
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We should not lower the drinking age because for one teenagers have not yet reached the level of maturity. They will have less control of their surroundings and their control on themselves. When drinking alcohol at an age where the brain isn't full deciliter it can cause certain health issues.

According to Michelle Trudeau, she states In other words, key areas of the brain are still under construction during the adolescent years, and are more sensitive to the toxic effects of drugs and alcohol.


We should lower the drinking age because it makes no sense to allow eighteen year old the power and responsibility to decide what laws should be passed in the state that they currently are living in, allow them to join the military, and also to smoke tobacco but deny prohibits them from drinking an alcoholic beverage. These three things can be argued to bear far more responsibility than doing a simple thing as drinking alcohol. If one were to truly think about it the country would rather allow young teens the opportunity to smoke tobacco; something that is not only known to damage the person doing the act but those around them, allow them to decide who will become the the next president, and also allow them to not only sacrifice their live but also allow them to kill another human being in war for the good of the country but denies them from drinking a simple beer until the age of twenty-one. A good example of how a young soldier feels about not being able to have an alcoholic beverage was given by a soldier by the name of Kingston of whom said the following in an interview concerning the drinking age, "You can buy a house, get married, kill bad men in Afghanistan & Iraq for the good of this beautiful country but we can not have a drink at a bar or have a nice cold beer. Where is the sense in that".
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Many rights in the United States are conferred on citizens at age 21 or older. A person cannot legally purchase a gun, and in most states gambling a casino, or adopt a child until age 21. For most car companies one must be at age 21 or older to even rent a car. Drinking should be similarly restricted due to the responsibility required to self and others.
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