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Should the driving age be raised?

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Started: 2/24/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Car crashes. when one thinks of this, they generally think of teens. the common belief is that teens cause the majority of accidents, so the driving age should be raised. teens cause approx. 40% of crashes, but only 17% are caused by teens behind the wheel. I stand firmly resolved that The driving age should not be raised because it will limit teen mobility and prevent practice. we realize the fact that teens are inexperienced may scare some people, but even if the driving age was raised, accidents from inexperience would still occur.

Teens need to move. whether travelling across the country, going to a friend's house, or just getting a soda from the local grocery store, teens need mobility. diving at an early age is not only good for the teens, it takes stress off the parents too. this means that they don't have to drive them to or from work or school, allowing more time for them. being self sufficient and earning money is part of how teens become responsible adults. If they cannot work, how are they supposed to learn to earn and manage their money? they can't. It is vital that teens learn to drive in order for them to become proper adults.

part of the reason of why teen drivers cause accidents is because of inexperience. If the diving age was raised to 18, there would be just as many accidents, if not more. Younger people have more impressionable minds. If drivers start young, they will learn faster and remember longer. This can help them be safer when they grow up. If they wait until 18 to start driving, they will be graduated from high school, so they will not be able to learn in school.
For these reasons, It is vital that teens learn to drive at 16 or younger.
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