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Should the man decide whether or not the woman has an abortion?

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Started: 4/2/2014 Category: Society
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Well, it should most definitely be more in favor of the woman's choice. The woman, the one that would have to actually give birth to and care for the child, would/should definitely know the risks of having a baby. The men don't have to participate in caring for the child, but don't tell the woman that she can't have her own baby! It's her body, and she has every right to do what she wants with it, so back off.


Alright but the man that had made her pregnant should not be forced to pay for child support you agree and have the choice to not care for the child. Do you agree?
Debate Round No. 1


I personally believe that if the man wanted no part in having the baby in the first place, he should not have to pay for child support. The only thing is, this would be very hard to prove in court, and many would use this as an excuse not to pay the child support. Until we have much more advanced technology that would help us see what exactly happened, it cannot be an arguable point


There is no need to prove he wanted the baby or not in the past he can make the decision as long as the baby is still in the stage to be legally aborted just like the woman is allowed to make the decision to abort the fetus at any given time. This is how it would be fair.

The decision will be done and written down when they are not in the same room, this way they can only give the honest answer and cannot play around for their own benefits.

Man wants childbirth, woman wants childbirth = Child is born, man and woman take care of child together or man pays child support

Man wants childbirth, woman wants abortion = Child is aborted, man does not need to pay child support (since she is taking the pain of child birth she has the priority on this decision)

Man wants abortion, woman wants childbirth = Child is born, woman takes care of child, man does not need to pay child support and doesn't have to take care of child.

Man wants abortion, woman wants abortion = Child is aborted, man helps pay half price for abortion
Debate Round No. 2


lazanya27 forfeited this round.


If there is nothing else to say then I will accept my victory.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro conceded argument in both rounds one and two. And while I would normally award the debate based on a forfeit, Con actually won the debate. So debate to con, conduct to pro.

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