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Should the united states annex Canada

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Started: 1/2/2014 Category: Politics
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We Americans have always had a philosophy of expanding our territory and influence, and there is no concrete evidence on why we should cease to grow as a nation. The 13 provinces of Canada and 50 American states could be mutually to each other if we served In a union together:

Our influence as a union would expanded signigantly (we would more easily have our way in foriegn affairs)

2) taxes could be lowered with added population of the united states

3) buisness would be promoted because there would be no tax for exportation to canada or from Canada to the U.S.

4) we would be exposed to a abundance of new cultures

5) we would double our nations land mass and reasources

For these reasons I endorse the resolve that the we the United States should annex Canada


There are more harms that come of the annexation of Canada then there is good.

1) Firstly, annexation of Canada will not prove easily. Canada has not shown any signs of wanting to be annexed, and there will be opposition to the new leadership of Canada.
2) Secondly, there are rules against this. The Monroe Doctrine specifically bans this by stating that no country shall take control of Eastern land, which includes Canada.
3) Annexing Texas will provoke hostility between the US and other countries. The UN will protest, and the members of the UN as well.
4) The US has no need to do so, because we already have many benefits with trading with Canada.

Equality2447's first argument is invalid because foreign countries would be mad at the US, instead of more happy with it. This leads to dissatisfaction between the US and other countries.
Equality2447's second argument is invalid because there would be land to develop and manage. The costs of the next global war would put us into debt and would not let us use Canada to the best of our ability.
Equality2447's 3rd argument is true, but tax is not an important enough reason to provoke global war.
Equality2447's 4th argument is invalid because America is a combination of many cultures already. There is an easier method of getting these cultures, which is immigration.
Equality2447's last argument is true, but we wouldn't have the money needed to use that to the best of our advantage.

I thank Equality2447 for the topic and await his response.
Debate Round No. 1


In this round I intended to rebuild and reinforce my contentions, and I thank joebob4547 for his opposition.

A recent poll showed that a growing number (20%, higher in quebec) of Canadians and a growing 40% of Americans support American annexation of Canada, also since 1980 the Unionist party of Canada (a major Canadian political party) supports American annexation. Quebec the easily most developed part of Canada and Saskatchewan eagerly supported American annexation because of their disdain for the Canadian goverment and appreciation for the American philosphy.

The Monroe doctrine prohibits European countries recolonizing the western world but does not prohibit the United states from acquiring territory. If the Monroe doctrine did prohibit the United States from acquiring territory we would not of been able to acquire the Oregon territory, the Mexican cession, or the republic of Texas. So therefore I discredit the idea that the Monroe doctrine prohibits the annexation of Canada.

I'm confused on your oppsiton to my third contention because Texas was annexed about 100 years before the Un was even formed

Wouldn't it be more beneficial for everyone to work as a collective union instead of trading allies

It dosn't matter if the goverment dose not have enough money to harness the newly acquired Canadian resources, both countries are capitalist countries in wich citizens buy and harness resources not the goverment


joebob4547 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Equality2447 forfeited this round.


Equality2447's account is not active, so I guess this round is a tie
Debate Round No. 3
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