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Should there be a homeless shelter in every city??

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Started: 6/4/2015 Category: Economics
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I will 100% agree that there should be homeless shelters in every city, of decent size that

is. In Duluth, there are many people you see sleeping downtown or in canal. Out of all of the

financial disasters our taxes our dedicated to like working on our roads, or military, we should

spend some on investing it in our on people! (Known that they are different in Federal/City)

Instead of a shelter they can stay for a night or two though. A shelter they can get back up on their

feet. Stay there, work a job, the shelter takes 5"10% for living expenses and next thing you know it

they are on their feet. Not only are they on their feet they are back spending money in our

economy. Duluth, Minnesota has a place called the Graffiti Graveyard. They had installed fences

so people couldn't go inside of it and spray paint beneath the highway anymore. Known by the city

there were a group of homeless folks living down there. This had frustrated me because I'm sure

they had just kicked them out without giving them an alternate place to stay. Underneath the

highway had perfect block from the wind in cold Minnesota winters. All in all, I think homeless

shelters are a great idea if used properly. It would return greatly and give people another shot at



I would consider building a shelter for homeless will be a stupidity, instead finding out the reason WHY they are homeless and what can we do to ensure them a secure income would definitely be a real solution rather than building shelters which would require land, money and time!
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Posted by prerna011 3 years ago
Posted by ThoughtsOfACommoner 3 years ago
You know, with all the money it would take to make homeless shelters, we could probably just cut out the middle man and find a more permanent solution.
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