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Should there be a weight limit in the fashion industry?

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Started: 3/9/2018 Category: Health
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A model named Luisel Ramos was walking down the catwalk for the last time of her life, when she had a heart attack from anorexia. She was only living on lettuce leaves. Later on, her sister, who was also a model, was found dead in her room from a heart attack, too. Also, from anorexia. ( You see the problem? Too many people are dying from just trying to make themselves skinny, and have a "perfect" body. Is there such thing as the "perfect" body? And, "a model is a person with a role either to promote, display or advertise commercial products (notably fashion clothing in fashion shows), or to serve as a visual aid for people who are creating works of art or to pose for photography," according to (By the way, there is nothing in there saying anything about being skinny). In my opinion, I think the fashion industry should have a weight limit because people are starving themselves to be skinny, it"s creating a false image of what people should look like, and people do things to themselves to please society.
The very first reason why I think the fashion industry should have a weight limit is because people are starving themselves to be skinny. Ana Carolina Reston was a Brazilian model who was very successful and amazing at what she did. But later on in her life, she wasn"t just known for modeling. On November 14th, 2006, she died because of anorexia (an eating disorder). Laura Ancona, a journalist for the Brazilian fashion magazine says she, "only ever drank fruit juice," and "was found to have survived on a diet of apples and tomatoes." ( If she only was living on apples, tomatoes, and juice, then think of what other models eat. Models should be a healthy weight that doesn"t make them look like they are just skin and bones. A Danish fashion magazine has had tons of controversy over one of their photos of an underweight model, that is now known as the "corpse" model. The article I found says, "The fashion industry is frequently criticized for featuring underweight models in runway shows, magazines and ad campaigns. In 2010, French model Isabelle Caro died due to complications from anorexia nervosa." ( See the pattern? Tons of people are dying from anorexia. Yes, the disease can happen to anyone, but if models are trying to lose weight, don"t you think models are more likely to have it? It"s a horrible disease that is killing people! The more we have a weight limit for those girls who are dying, the more we won"t have girls trying to be skinny and starving. I also found another article, according to, that talks about another girl with anorexia, that says, "At 19, with several teen magazine cover shoots behind her and the prospect of a lucrative modelling career ahead, she appeared to have the world at her feet. But while to others she seemed a confident and beautiful young woman, Bethaney Wallace was facing a crippling struggle with eating disorders which saw her weight plunge to under 7st " and which finally claimed her life. Doctors believe that, over the three years since she developed anorexia and bulimia, her condition had weakened her heart and it gave out as she slept." What I think the fashion industry is not realizing is how much they are losing, when they lose a top model. They do not understand what they are doing to these people, which is a huge problem that needs to be solved.
In addition to my first reason, my second reason is I think the fashion industry should have a weight limit because it"s creating a false image of what people should look like. I found, according to, some very shocking information about girls that are really young already talking about dieting. The article says, "Several studies, including one on media influences on girls between nine and 12 by Marika Tiggemann and Levina Clark, indicated that nearly half want to be thinner, and as a result have engaged in a diet or are aware of the concept of dieting." Just the fact that 9 and 12 year olds are already trying to make themselves thinner is such a huge problem, and may I add, are probably going to starve! Do we really want to tell kids that"s the way to do it? I also found another article that says, and I quote, "From smoothing skin and erasing wrinkles to enlarging muscles and slimming waists, airbrushing, or "photoshopping," men and women to so-called perfection is the norm in advertising. These images don't reflect reality, yet from a younger and younger age, people are aspiring to these biologically impossible ideals." ( The more people get the false idea that skinny is the way to look, the more they will do so many things to themselves that usually are not the healthiest options. As it says, people who are super young are already aspiring to look like these people who are only 110lbs! Later on in the same article, it says, "One study found that one in four people is depressed about their body, another found that almost a third of women say they would sacrifice a year of life to achieve the ideal body weight and shape, and almost half of girls in a recent survey think the pressure to look good is the worst part of being female." Just the fact women would risk one year of their life trying to have the ideal body, says a lot. What people are not realizing is that there is no such thing as the ideal body. Everyone comes in all shapes and sizes, and the more people see they need to lose weight to be perfect, is horrible.
And lastly, I think the fashion industry should have a weight limit because people do things to themselves to please society. A woman wrote an article about a Calvin Klein model who was considered a plus-size model, yet she still wrote, "To me, this model looks absolutely stunning. In my head, I'd kill to have a body like that (something that society has drilled into my brain)." ( The woman even said she would kill to have that body. Society has drilled into her mind that she needs to look like that, just to be "perfect." Who knows how far people will go just to be skinny and feel good about themselves. Another thing that the industry is not realizing, is that they may look good, but it may come with harsh consequences. "Perhaps this is why women are less likely to feel good about themselves and about their bodies and more likely to be anxious than men." I found in another article by "Constant pressure to people-please can leave you feeling like you're not good enough " and worried that the next thing you do won't be good enough either. In order to protect themselves from the social punishment associated with not pleasing others, women learn to monitor their appearances and actions constantly." The thing is though, it"s different if you actually want to lose weight, than actually trying to please society. If you workout though, you will have muscle. That is better than being a stick that is completely unhealthy and only weighs 90lbs. More on says, "Especially according to a very specific and narrow definition of "beauty." Starting from a very young age, girls hear other girls and women criticized for being ugly and fat. They hear them praised for being beautiful and thin. They learn to make themselves fit those often unrealistic standards of beauty through clothing, makeup, exercise, and dieting so that they'll be liked. If they're unable to attain that ideal, they're often reassured that someone out there will find them attractive " but they're rarely told it's OK for people not to." The more the fashion industry lets these people do awful things to themselves, the more everyone is going to think it is okay to look like a Victoria"s Secret model, even though they only went through a horrible process just to look like that. The weight may be off, but the pain will always be there to knock you down, harder than you intended.
To summarize my paper, a weight limit would be super beneficial in the fashion industry be


if ur fat then hide ur self and eat more thats what u are going to do anywasy lmfao
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Posted by curiousviewer 3 years ago
Like it or not, these models are looked up to. There absolutely should be a weight limit!
Posted by Stativ 3 years ago
I believe that people should simply NOT hire models that are under this certain unhealthy weight. Maybe that will fix problems of anorexia by not forcing the ladies to starve. If so happens, it'll be most likely that you wont see 90 pound bony sticks all over magazines, instead you'll see healthy, average weight, strong women, and this possibly could prevent eating disorder related deaths.

This subject hits me hard because back when I was twelve, I was the biggest in my class. Because of that, I had extreme anxiety and depression. My class learned about eating disorders that year, and it gave me an idea. I've been on a 500 calorie per day diet. To be honest, I saw zero results afterwards, which shows that anorexia doesn't work for everyone. My mom finally noticed my eating habits within four months, and forced me to eat. I've taught myself not to care what others think, and soon realized my anxiety was just in my head.
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