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Should there be more P.E. in the school day?

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Started: 12/16/2016 Category: Education
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yes it should because it helps the mind. Children who work out more remember information better than children who are out of shape.


There should not be more P.E in the school day, as "Physical education experts say there"s little accountability for P.E. teachers in most schools. They say the classes are often poorly run, and students don"t spend much time in them anyway " even as American children grow fatter and more out of shape.
Nearly one-fifth of all high school P.E. teachers don"t have a major and certification in physical education, according to the most recent numbers from the National Center for Education Statistics," (NBC News, 2005).
Forced gym classes also make non-athletic children feel inferior, as written by Penelope Trunk, violent sports terrify many children, are too rigorous for overweight children, can damage self esteem, and cause a general disdain for exercise. This is shown in other sources as well, such on Ed-week, many children who were not as athletic as their peers have lifetime anxiety over humiliations in gym they experienced. Finally, on "Today", dodge ball trauma can scar children, as many children are made fun of for their inexperience in sports, and leads to them being less-able to participate.
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Posted by BlueOrangutan 1 year ago
I have no doubt that the answer is yes and for people who think this would take away from other core academic subjects I would say combine the two. Walking is exercise so why not take geometry to the playground, do science in the field go for a walk to learn about nature. The classroom has its uses for being a resource base to help us understand core subjects but it can so quickly become a stifling cage. This stuff is easy to do with a bit of imagination.
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Vote Placed by godsend221 1 year ago
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Reasons for voting decision: The con side of this argument did not give any scientific reason why physical education shouldn't be increased. It seemed the only argument against was "well, our PE teachers are bad now so giving them more time to do a poor job is bad". In my mind, Pro has won this argument for the simple fact that a healthier body can help you have a healthier life and our kids need that, even if it means sacrificing more time of the day.