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Should tobacco products be legal?

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Started: 5/6/2018 Category: Politics
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I take the negative position, and pro takes the positive position. Pro can go first.


Yes they should, lets start of by saying that tobacco is very bad for you, I agree with this entirely I would not support or encourage anyone to smoke or use these products but whenever you legalize something you are taking that object, in this case tobacco, away from drug dealers making people no longer need to go to these places to get their tobacco leading the drug dealers sales to plummet. The money that was being supplied to them is now being supplied to the government which in turn can use this for a wallet full of good resources such as helping the homeless. This breaks the dangerous cycle that many people addicted are trapped in with drug lords and gangs. Additionally whenever you are purchasing something off these dealers you have no idea what is in them, you are trusting the shady dealer to give you what you asked for and not some cheap dangerous knock off which could contain dangerous chemicals but if tobacco products are legalized then each individual brand will have to undergo very extensive testing to ensure that their product does not contain any of the dangerous chemicals that you would find in drug dealers produces making it safer for each consumer
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Tobacco products are literally killing people and provide no real medical benefits. I am not saying that tobacco addicts should be arrested, but the sale of tobacco products should cease and desist. Big tobacco is making their products addictive on purpose so people can die slowly. I was almost raped to death over my tobacco addiction, and my body still freaks out over ciggies. WHY should these products be legal when people are DYING?
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Posted by John_C_1812 3 years ago
Tobacco is regulated by law, as it is described as illegal it is the burden of the state to address that any accusation is in fact true and until that point the understanding is tobacco is legal. The question that should be asked is when does state mandated additives amount to chemical warfare? Will Marijuana see this same application of chemical carcinogens?
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